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Simpsons and Simba

We here in modern Western culture find ourselves in this vortex of self-creation and total self-determination. We worry about how we are perceived and we want to be sure that we can be who we want to be. We pursue this ideal of happiness that includes our carnal appetites being satiated and, chances are, we […]

Leah Miller | October 24, 2014
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Religious Freedom

Rosario Al Parque 2014

En Colombia es muy común que todos los años se presenten eventos que con el tiempo han ido aumentando en su magnitud y son conocidos como  “Rock al Parque”, “Jazz al Parque”, “Salsa al Parque” y otras expresiones artísticas y culturales que han sido llevadas desde hace más de 10 años a espacios públicos y […]

Andrea Garzón | October 22, 2014
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Why are some pro-choicers so afraid to talk about something they believe in so much?

“A debate is a good test of whether we can argue convincingly for our principles. If we fail, then we need to do better in future.” These are the words of Ann Furedi, who runs the largest chain of abortion providers in the UK. “Debate is a conversation of power, where the objective is to […]

Xavier Bisits | October 16, 2014
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Reproductive Health/Family Planning

The Hammer Seeing Nails Part 1- IPPF & Adolescent Statistics

One cannot stay informed about the world of international health policy without keeping up with reports and initiatives issued by Planned Parenthood.  The challenges of reading Planned Parenthood are twofold: their endnotes are inadequate and their statistics are questionable.  After looking at their sources and comparing the numbers I have found a great number of […]

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Kyle Moodhe | October 15, 2014
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Un Ejemplo de Amor Para los Jóvenes: 80 Años de Casados

Esta es una de esas tantas locuras de amor que animan a los jóvenes seguir creyendo en la fidelidad de los vínculos, y sobre todo, a querer construir un proyecto de vida que los haga felices en compañía de la persona amada. ¿Los protagonistas de esta odisea? don Pablo Costamagna y doña Magdalena. El comienzo […]

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Erman Tejeda | October 10, 2014


The Pro-Life Heroes

Last week a story appeared about a young woman who chose to forgo chemotherapy rather than risk killing the baby that was growing inside her. Diagnosed with bone cancer when she was ten weeks pregnant, 24-year old Ashley Bridges decided there was “no way [she] could kill a healthy baby because [she was] sick.” Eight […]

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Eileen Wittig | October 7, 2014
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“More Deadly Than Bullets…”

On September 2, 2014, I attended a meeting hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies regarding the future of Global Health.  CSIS is an organization made up of former Clinton administration officials and other major actors in American public policy.  The panel of medical experts assembled discussed two major concerns relevant to how […]

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Kyle Moodhe | October 6, 2014


Respect Life Sunday: The Person as the Masterpiece of God’s Creation

Happy Respect Life Sunday! Today marks the beginning of the annual Respect Life Program of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, which lasts through the month of October.  It is a time for Catholics and non-Catholics alike to unite behind the banner of the pro-life movement and renew our commitment to abolishing all evils that denigrate […]

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Kaitlin Fellrath | October 5, 2014


A Vicious Circle

Nowadays, one only has to open up their Facebook or Twitter account, or turn on the TV or radio, and there is an instant bombardment of bad news and current tragedies. It is not to say that tragic occurrences did not take place before, but we have faster and more widespread access to information in […]

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Angell Lu-Lebel | October 4, 2014

Religious Freedom

Welcome to the New America

Welcome to the new America. We hope you enjoy your stay. While here, remember, if you respectfully disagree, you will pay a heavy price. Last weekend, the IYc attended the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC. During a panel discussion on marriage, Melissa Klein and her husband Aaron were in attendance to tell the story of […]

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Mark Kowalewski | October 2, 2014

Human Rights

A Call To Cautious Arms

ISIS is everywhere now. Front-page articles of newspapers, breaking stories on televised news, constant tweets, trending stories on Facebook, videos on YouTube, conversations on the street. Everyone is thinking about it. Everyone is talking about the latest threats and the latest efforts to stop them. And everyone is asking the same question: how are we […]

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Eileen Wittig | October 1, 2014

Catholic Teaching

Lord, preserve us from those Catholics who don’t know and don’t care

One of the beauties of the Catholic Church is that its message is one for the entire world.  The Gospel and all our teachings are simple enough to sustain both popular piety and profound intellectualism.  Children can understand the fullness of the Gospel as much as a theologian.  Jesus and the Church are simple enough […]

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Xavier Bisits | September 30, 2014
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Religious Freedom

The Love of our Holy Lady

“L’Innocence” (Innocence) is a late 18th century masterpiece painted by the French artist William Bouguereau. It shows our Holy Lady holding, with deep affection, baby Jesus and a little lamb, both symbols of innocence. We can admire the beauty, pure love of the Blessed Virgin for her Son. In the same way, the tenderness of Mary provides serenity […]

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Erman Tejeda | September 30, 2014