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Seventy Years after Auschwitz

Two days ago marked the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau on January 27, 1945. The solemn anniversary was marked with quiet remembrance around the world. Delivering an address before the UN General Assembly, Holocaust survivor Jona Laks pronounced: “Not only people died in Auschwitz, the idea of humanity perished as well. The message […]

Kaitlin Fellrath | January 29, 2015

President Obama

A Flaw in the State of the Union

Last week we heard President Obama’s State of the Union address. In the course of an hour, there was one aspect that particularly struck me, although it was relatively brief. After talking about the economy and job market for the majority of the speech, Obama closed with a call for bipartisan cooperation, asking politicians to […]

Eileen Wittig | January 27, 2015
Yes, those are [unelected] bishops you see in the British Parliament.

Catholic Teaching

Antidisestablishmentarianism, the separation of church and state, and Poland

Disestablishment. What is that? While some English readers of this blog may know, it may mystify others. But you’ve probably already used the phrase – in the context of the longest word in the English language: antidisestablishmentarianism. Antidisestablishmentarianism refers to the movement that opposes the disestablishment of the Church of England, i.e. its privileged position […]

Xavier Bisits | January 25, 2015
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Human Rights

Los Niños de la Cárcel: Crecer y Vivir en Prisión

En la medida que el sufrimiento de los niños está permitido, no existe amor verdadero en éste mundo (Isadora Duncan) Es un hecho que en América Latina el número de mujeres en prisión está aumentando a un ritmo vertiginoso. Lo trascendente para el caso en cuestión, es que esta situación conlleva un problema aún más grave: los […]

Erman Tejeda | January 24, 2015
March for life


“Cada vida es un regalo”

“Cada vida es un regalo, cada vida es única, importante y llena de posibilidades cada vida tiene un propósito fuera de nuestro entendimiento… cada uno de nosotros hace parte de un gran plan… cada vida es una sorpresa, una oportunidad de cambiar…” Este es el eslogan de la mancha anual por la vida que se […]

Andrea Garzón | January 22, 2015


Crazy little thing called LIFE

Every life is a gift we’ve been given, and we should be grateful about it, right? We should be grateful for plant life, animal life and… oohh yeah, of course, human life. Isn’t it ironic to think that nowadays, for some people, its way more important to save dolphins and turtles rather than human beings? […]

María Renée Estrada | January 21, 2015
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Catholic Teaching

In the Bleak Midwinter

Winter is here. The bitter cold and wet snow is here to stay until spring. It is the time for warm blankets, fuzzy socks, and hot tea. That is, unless you live in poverty. For those without a home, the winter is often bleak.  Most of us find it easy to stay warm – we […]

Kaitlin Fellrath | January 20, 2015
AP/Peter DeJong via Lebanon Daily News


Limits and Offenses: How Free Should Our Speech Be?

“What the #$%& is happening in France,” a friend asked me in a text message last week as French anti-terrorism police surrounded the town of Crépy-en-Valois and battled  a hostage situation at a Kosher market in the 12th arrondissement of Paris. My reply, “Immigration and freedom of the press…” was perhaps a bit too wry, […]

Joshua Mechaelsen | January 16, 2015

Catholic Teaching

Together for Life-Guiding Star Project

In September of 2014 at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, pro-life advocate Abby Johnson came to speak on her passion for protecting the unborn and her experience of being employed by Planned Parenthood. But this wasn’t any simple lecture; this was a kick off, a reveal, for something remarkable. You see, […]

Leah Miller | January 16, 2015


Will New Jersey Uphold the Dignity of the Person?

In the movie It’s A Wonderful Life during the opening, St. Joseph is telling an angel named Clarence about a man that “will be thinking seriously of throwing away God’s greatest gift.” Clarence replies, “Oh, dear, dear! His life!” These two lines set up the rest of the movie pointing the audience to remember the preciousness […]

Catherine Birri | January 14, 2015

Human Rights

La cuestión de la libertad de expresión

Frecuentemente escuchamos a las personas apelar a la libertad de expresión cuando expresan sus diferencias en cuanto a ideas, pensamientos, ideologías, religiones, etc. Es importante que conozcamos a profundidad el verdadero significado de los términos, para que no nos dejemos llevar por la ola de comentarios que diariamente nos acechan con respecto al tema en […]

María Renée Estrada | January 13, 2015


Media Racism

Six months after the death of Eric Garner and five months after the death of Michael Brown, protests, rallies, and riots are still occurring. Events have progressed to the point of threats and fatal violence against the police. All of this is happening on the grounds of racism, but it doesn’t have to be. If […]

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Eileen Wittig | January 13, 2015
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La Familia: Cuna del Amor y de la Vida

La familia es una cuna de amor que nace a partir de una promesa recíproca, fruto del amor conyugal. Seguramente, las palabras más solemnes y sublimes que los cónyuges habrán escuchado son aquellas que acontecen una sola vez en la vida… ¿Prometes serle fiel, tanto en la prosperidad como en la adversidad, en la salud como en la enfermedad, amándola y […]

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Erman Tejeda | January 12, 2015