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Cuando la Ficción se Hace Realidad: “El Médico que Creó un Pequeño Pedazo de Cielo en la Tierra”

Hay personas que son como un sol y se animan a dibujar un haz de luz en la vida de quienes padecen el sufrimiento de la soledad. Esta es la historia del Doctor Matías Najún y sus 120 voluntarios que trabajan  para hacer realidad un sueño único: cuidar a aquellas personas que se encuentran en […]

Erman Tejeda | December 20, 2014


7 beliefs that used to be common in Western countries and what this means

Humans are a funny lot.  Check out all the stuff they used to actually believe. 1. Some non-white races are sub-human. As late as the early 20th century, biological anthropologists measured cranial size across racial populations in an attempt to prove that differences in civilizational development could be attributed to genetic dissimilarities in intelligence. 2. Eugenics is […]

Xavier Bisits | December 18, 2014

Human Rights

A Massacre of the Innocent in Pakistan

In Malala Yousafzai’s acceptance lecture before the Nobel Committee, the 17 year-old remarked that she is “just a committed and stubborn person who wants to see every child getting quality education, who wants to see women having equal rights and who wants peace in every corner of the world.” She is more than that. Malala […]

Kaitlin Fellrath | December 17, 2014
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An Uncomfortable Meeting at the Wilson Center

Just a week ago I was attending a conference at the Wilson Center dealing with population, climate change, and “health” when a journalist grossly misrepresented Catholic doctrine for cheap laughs.  The lie I am referring to is the very statement Alan Weisman referenced when speaking about promoting contraception.  Weisman recounted with glee the statement Planned […]

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Kyle Moodhe | December 10, 2014


Obama’s Divisive Immigration Decision

Congratulations, Mr. President. You have just succeeded in dividing the country. You have managed to take an ambiguous issue and make it just clear-cut enough to isolate one half of our population from the other. Before your speech two weeks ago immigration was an issue, but there were enough views with enough possible solutions that […]

Eileen Wittig | December 8, 2014
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XX ANIVERSARIO DEL AÑO INTERNACIONAL DE LA FAMILIA EN LA ONU “Con ocasión del aniversario número XX del Año Internacional de la Familia, líderes políticos de Europa, Latino América y Norte América  se reunirán en la ONU con objeto de reconocer y fortalecer el “Rol de la Familia” como medio fundamental para lograr el desarrollo sostenible”. El próximo viernes, 5 de Diciembre en la […]

Andrea Garzón | December 4, 2014
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A Precious Little Angel on Earth

God always put a wonderful gift in our path that makes life beautiful. This is a short biography of a little angel called Valentina Guerrero. I promise you are going to fall in love with her… The Beginning of a Dream Valentina Guerrero was born in Miami Beach on September 16, 2011, and came with […]

Erman Tejeda | December 4, 2014
Some of my friends at the gubernatorial watch party in Topeka, KS last month.


Youth and Hope in Politics

One month ago we had our midterm elections, and for conservatives, they were incredibly successful. The Republican Party won the majority in the Senate, giving them control over both houses of Congress. On election night, I was at Governor Sam Brownback’s watch party in Topeka, Kansas. Some friends and I were involved in his campaign, […]

Eileen Wittig | December 3, 2014

Human Rights

Why are we still talking about human rights?

Since the mid-20th century, rates of church attendance have collapsed in many countries, the power of religion as a determinant of the direction in society has flopped and in some areas hostility towards religion is the norm. Despite this, one anomaly persists: human rights. They are everywhere. People talk about them as though they are […]

Xavier Bisits | December 2, 2014

Catholic Teaching

¿Preparación para la fiesta o para el matrimonio?

Estudiamos cuatro años para ser administradores de empresas, seis años para ser abogados, diez años para ser sacerdotes o religiosas, pero ¿Cuánto tiempo nos preparamos para el matrimonio? Para muchos la respuesta es: un retiro de novios, un curso prematrimonial de un día o inclusive de una tarde. ¿Será esto suficiente como preparación al matrimonio? […]

Mónica Marín | December 1, 2014


What’s the Deal with #HeforShe?

Emma Watson spoke to the UN on #HeforShe in September. You may think that the topic has faded or simply isn’t relevant anymore. Well, Emma continues to promote #HeforShe to her millions of Twitter followers, but also, many other people have taken up the issue as that of great importance. And I think that we […]

Leah Miller | November 30, 2014


IYc Attends the International Pro-Life Youth Conference

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking at the Survivors International Pro-Life Youth Conference in Los Angeles, California. The conference takes place over the course of three days and it brings pro-life activists from around the world who have made it their responsibility to work to together in order to bring an end […]

Mark Kowalewski | November 29, 2014
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Planned Pastor-hood

It seems that abortion giant Planned Parenthood is developing a habit of publishing pastoral letters in an attempt to garner support among Christians for abortion. The latest letter is an attempt to prove that abortion is not incongruent with religion. Bearing the title “A Pastoral Letter: About Your Abortion Decision,” and carrying the names of […]

Joshua Mechaelsen | November 28, 2014