El lenguaje equivale a PODER

“El lenguaje no es sólo semántica. Tiene poder político. Y, en definitiva, el lenguaje acordado en las Naciones Unidas por los gobiernos pueden influir y muy a menudo guiar a los programas y a las políticas públicas actuales.” El comienzo de la década de los noventas supuso una separación radical de las ideas convencionales sobre […]

Mónica Marín | March 31, 2015


Health and Education: Keys to Development

Last week I was part of an annual conference and trainning event hosted by the World Youth Alliance (WYA). The theme of the 12th annual International Solidarity Forum (ISF) was “Health and Education: Keys to Development”. The forum brought together active WYA members from around the world and subject matter experts to participate in discussions […]

María Renée Estrada | March 30, 2015


Getting feminism right – Sweden and the sex industry

Linda – a Swedish woman – was 10 when her ‘boyfriend’ began to market her to other men. “It’s almost like a takeaway meal, they are in the hotel room, I come to them, they use me and I leave. The rapes became more and more violent, more and more sadistic. There is a lot […]

Xavier Bisits | March 30, 2015
A member of the Westboro Baptist Church, commonly mistaken for an actual Christian.


The Catholic who blessed his daughter’s same-sex marriage

This week’s news from Australia: Catholic hypocrite – leader of the nation’s leading conservative Catholic campaigning organisation – blesses daughter’s same-sex wedding, continues in opposition to marriage equality. Peter Westmore, leader of the National Civic Council, had travelled to New Zealand to ‘bless’ his daughter’s same-sex marriage in the country.  It’s awkward because he leads […]

Xavier Bisits | March 26, 2015


Daily Bread Duly Balanced: Pipe Dreams of Eliminating Food Insecurity, Tempered with Faith

During the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) every conceivable facet of human existence is examined through the perspective of how women are involved, affected, excluded, needed, and pre-empted (along with a multitude of other verbs). Thus, while midtown Manhattan does not seem like the most obvious place to discuss and […]

Kasper James | March 22, 2015


Ranch Dressing and Non-Rights

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person” (Art.3)…..oh and a right to sexual pleasure with no responsibility…..and the right to abortion with neither pause nor consequence. Even from a pragmatic and secularist viewpoint, those last two claims are illogical and nonsensical. And yet it is what was being demanded by a numbers […]

Leah Miller | March 19, 2015
Lila Rose 1 edit

Human Rights

Lila Rose En CSW 59: “Joven Y Valiente Porque La Vida No Puede Esperar”

¿Qué sucede cuando cientos de jóvenes se ponen se pie para decirle que sí a la vida? ¿Cómo explicar con palabras ese momento de fulgor? Eso fue lo que ocurrió un Martes por la noche en Naciones Unidas (New York) después de finalizada la magnífica conferencia disertada por Lila Rose, una joven activista pro-vida que aporta su […]

Erman Tejeda | March 18, 2015

Human Rights

Dolce and Gabbana: when the LGBT movement turns on itself

Dolce & Gabbana have fallen victim to the thought police. The week so far has been a big one: Netanyahu’s election in Israel, the Fed’s monetary policy, the UK’s budget, continuing unrest in Donetsk – you name it. Thank God Elton John has got his priorities right: What did Dolce & Gabbana – the infamous […]

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Xavier Bisits | March 18, 2015


The Tyranny of Science and war against dignity: Plan B

Currently, we are witnessing how the world has made great strides regarding science, technology and social media; but it is alarming that with these advances morality and respect for life have been deteriorating simultaneously. Throughout history, people have condemned many ideologies for their anti-human nature, but also new ideologies have emerged and continue to marginalize […]

Marcia Garcia | March 17, 2015


The UN, women and religion

As atheists and high-browed intellectuals never tire of telling me, religion is a social construct designed to meet humankind’s needs. At the Commission for the Status of Women, I met a German academic doing research on the influence of faith-based organisations at the UN; she had done ‘religious studies’ for her undergraduate degree, so I […]

Xavier Bisits | March 16, 2015
UN Event on Agriculture


One leg at a time.

“I put my pants on one leg at a time, just like everybody else.” This phrase, although perhaps exclusively American, is a great entry level thought to this topic of change. Imagine if you could–with super-duper x-ray glasses–see that every corporation, institution, and government was simply operated by multitudes of individuals who, like yourself, put […]

Leah Miller | March 16, 2015


What the Old Testament and The UN Have in Common Pt II

In my last blog, I spoke on the servants of Naaman who convinced Naaman to follow the will of God, in the readings of that day. This part is continued on the same reading. One of the marginalized persons of this story is the little servant girl who worked for the wife of Naaman. This […]

Leah Miller | March 14, 2015


Why women would be better off without religion – Part 1

A topic at the UN Commission on the Status of Women that frequently comes up in conferences is the relationship between religion – and ‘extremist’ religion, in particular – and women. Panel members have frequently made reference to the role of religion in lowering the status of women and subjugating them to second class status. […]

Xavier Bisits | March 13, 2015