Jennifer Forgaciu

Jennifer Forgaciu


Jennifer is an incoming senior at the International Academy in Troy, Michigan. Throughout her high school career, she has avidly pursued her passion for writing, art, history, and Spanish. She had the exciting opportunity to join C-FAM during the 50th Commission on Population and Development. This career mentorship only furthered her interest in international policy/ relations.

Regardless of what her future holds, she wishes to use it in the defense of her faith and in respect of the dignity of life.


We live in a world where the respect for boundaries is rapidly waning. Where basic morality is being thrown into question on account that it does not fit into our human inclination toward evil. People have chosen to stop fighting – for anything. Rather than defend the truth, we have chosen to legalize wrong. Rather than face the harsh reality of our failures, we choose to hide behind a facade. It is important to take a step back, first on an individual level, and examine our shortcomings as a chance to change rather than a reason to settle. It is much easier said than done, but only when we recognize our own human inadequacy can we move forward. Change must be provoked, not merely anticipated.


The Measure of a Leader

World leaders have long been given the power to be influential figures and champions of change. Something so small as their vote or signature could be the difference between progress and stagnancy. However, what may easily be forgotten is the large responsibility that comes with the position. What they must remember is that their power […]

Jennifer Forgaciu | July 27, 2017