Leah Miller

Leah Miller


My name is Leah Miller and I am originally from a small farm and small public high school out in west-central Minnesota. I am going into my senior year at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN. My major is Political Science with a focus on American Politics and I have minors in Catholic Studies and Physics. At St. Thomas, I love playing in intramurals (basketball, volleyball, Frisbee…), swing dancing, being a part of Catholic Studies Leadership Interns, and being a member of the Students for Human Life club on campus. I just finished up my semester abroad studying Theology and Catholic Studies in Rome, Italy. Looking forward, I see myself doing any number of things right after college, law school, grad school, government relations, maybe farming. For me, being pro-life is such a gift, the community and the resources available for us are both great tools for fighting this worthy battle. While I was in Rome, I was able to participate in the March for Life (Marcia per la Vita), and finishing in St. Peter’s Square to see Pope Francis give a blessing to the marchers truly made me realize what a world mission this is.


This is a great opportunity, to work for C-FAM and IYc in order to promote not only life, but also critical thinking and discussion about all issues pertaining to the pro-life movement. Throughout my time as an engaged Catholic adult, I have grown to realize the depth of doctrine that is present, the answers that seem the simplest are just the opposite. The beauty of our Church is represented in not only the encyclicals and the saints, but also the laity who are pushing to make a difference in this world so that we all can become holy.

Catholic Teaching

Together for Life-Guiding Star Project

In September of 2014 at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, pro-life advocate Abby Johnson came to speak on her passion for protecting the unborn and her experience of being employed by Planned Parenthood. But this wasn’t any simple lecture; this was a kick off, a reveal, for something remarkable. You see, […]

Leah Miller | January 16, 2015


What’s the Deal with #HeforShe?

Emma Watson spoke to the UN on #HeforShe in September. You may think that the topic has faded or simply isn’t relevant anymore. Well, Emma continues to promote #HeforShe to her millions of Twitter followers, but also, many other people have taken up the issue as that of great importance. And I think that we […]

Leah Miller | November 30, 2014

Catholic Teaching

Simpsons and Simba

We here in modern Western culture find ourselves in this vortex of self-creation and total self-determination. We worry about how we are perceived and we want to be sure that we can be who we want to be. We pursue this ideal of happiness that includes our carnal appetites being satiated and, chances are, we […]

Leah Miller | October 24, 2014

Religious Freedom

West Wing and Papal Encyclicals

I know a few other IYc-ers have been writing on the size of government in some way or shape (see here and here) but I would like to re-approach it with its interaction with value of the nuclear family. Now there is this line from The West Wing, wherein Ainsely, a republican who was hired by […]

Leah Miller | September 24, 2014


On the Issue of Consumerist Voice Part 2 of 2

See part 1 here. In part 1 of this series I focused on the individual consumer and the choices that they make while consuming product. The post particularly concentrated on the tension between a pro-life consumer and Planned Parenthood funding producers and retailers. I am hoping to switch gears a little bit here and redirect […]

Leah Miller | August 30, 2014


On the Issue of Consumerist Voice and Choice-Part 1 of 2

It seems that early and often I am on the receiving end of a Facebook post or conversation that ends in, “yeah, that company is great at _________ but they support Planned Parenthood, so we should be sure to not buy ________ from them” [insert product produced here]. Immediately, these phrases elicit two thoughts for […]

Leah Miller | July 21, 2014


Preference to People Over Pixels

I often take for granted conversations that my peers and I have concerning the progression of the pro-life movement. But time and time again I am reminded of an ever crucial fact to youths and persons of all ages. That human interaction coupled with word of mouth is highly effective. As often as we try […]

Leah Miller | July 8, 2014


World Cup*

Now, I am not going to try to pretend that I have been dribbling a soccer ball all my life, because I haven’t—I am more of a hand-eye coordination sort of gal. But it is difficult to not be swept up in the success of team USA in the World Cup (#ibelieve). Win by win, […]

Leah Miller | June 23, 2014


The Root of it All

So we have this culture of death and a lack of respect for human dignity, right? And we, as Catholic youths, are trying to get a hold of it and, well, demolish it. But how are we to do this? What is the root of it all? Let’s make a list of the typical suspects… […]

Leah Miller | June 10, 2014