María Zúñiga

María Zúñiga


I am Maria Zúñiga, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m currently studying Law at Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, and I hope to work for the good of the family and stand for life in the future as much as I can. I find this possibility to blog, a chance to do as much, and I am inmensly grateful for it.


“The freedom of a state to determine what is legal and illegal… is not unlimited. Rather… there remains in the consciousness of all civilized peoples a certain core area of justice that…may not be infringed… ‘the dispositions that do not seek even justice, that conscioulsy contradict the principle of equality and that clearly disregard the juridical convictions to all civilized peoples refering to THE VALUE AND DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON, do not create any law, and for this reason, the conducts which adjust to such dispositions continue to be injust'”
-Federal Constitutional Court of Germany,1945, after the terrible events of WWII


Vulnerability of the child: how is it tackled?

Recently, on different news websites, the same news has appeared: babies thrown away, discarded, and some found in random places to include garbage dumpsters. This causes a deep reaction of astonishment, anger, and anguish in many people who read it. Reflecting on it, this fact reveals the complete dependence of the newborn on his or her […]

María Zúñiga | April 8, 2016