Cesar Azrak

Cesar Azrak


I am a rising senior at Duke University, majoring in Biophysics and in Philosophy, and working towards my certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, and I’m interested in attending law school after I graduate. Before attending Duke, I graduated from St. Louis Priory High School, where I developed a keen interest in theology, philosophy, and language. I’m an avid reader, pianist, and St. Louis Blues fan. I’m delighted to spend this summer working for the Center for Family and Human Rights, where I hope to contribute to critical work defending the most vulnerable in our world


There is a lot of critical work to be done protecting the sanctity of life and the family, and there are never enough hands on deck—so I’m privileged to work with the Center for Family and Human Rights this summer in this important mission. Through prayer, study, effort, and intellect, it is entirely achievable to champion human rights and defend life before the US government and the world, and I’m looking forward to making whatever contribution I can to that effort. IYC has an important role to play here: this message of life, love, and joy needs to be spread to hearts of anyone within reach, especially as secularism tries to pull the world in a different direction. I’m hopeful that, by the grace of God, I can make some difference in this goal.


On Eliminating Traditional Gender Pronouns

A few days ago, as I dragged my feet to the gym after work, I began listening to the latest release of the New York Times podcast “The Argument,” which comes out with a new show once a week. The premise of the show alone—a conservative, a centrist, and a liberal discussing relevant politics—keeps the […]

Cesar Azrak | July 22, 2019


Sustainable Goals: A Culture of Death

For the last week or so, the UN has been flooded with delegates and NGO agents to cover what has been billed as the UN’s next big project since its inception in 2013: the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). At the heart of the self-declared “high-level” forum are a comprehensive list of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” […]

Cesar Azrak | July 19, 2019

Marriage and the Family

“Good Parenting Builds Society”

Last week, the UN hosted an event right up C-Fam’s alley on the UN Global Day of Parents. Hosted in part by the Holy See, the meeting pulled no punches, beginning with the headline: “Good Parenting Builds Society: The Importance of Motherhood and Fatherhood.” While I’m sure that all kinds of good work is being […]

Cesar Azrak | June 25, 2019

United Nations

First Take: UN Advocacy

This is my first time blogging for the International Youth Coalition (IYC), which I’ve been asked to do each week in my work as an intern for the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam). The Coalition seems to boast a large number of writers, topics, and views on the mission to protect and promote […]

Cesar Azrak | June 20, 2019