We discussed in the first article, the internet and the wide availability of smart phones and how they have both ensured everyone’s access to information.

That also means those who have information to share whether legitimate, unconfirmed, rumours or even lies can use the internet especially the social media to spread their opinions and findings.

This of course creates a problem. Some people are passionate about verification of information and want only confirmed news getting to the people. Others are just enthusiastic about sharing whatever piece of information is in their possession and are too eager to spread without verifying while some want to people deliberately want to confuse or mislead others and cook up outright falsehoods to share.

The open nature of the internet means that they all have the same platforms and the same levels of freedom to express themselves.

What started as a skeptic opinion on the efficiency of certain vaccines in children has snowballed into a global anti-vax movement. This movement quickly swung into action over what we should and should not believe when it comes to the coronavirus vaccines.

I am not a biochemist/microbiologist/virologist/pharmacist or any of the fields directly involved with producing a vaccine for Covid-19. However, these fields have over the past century played a major role in our well-being and have greatly improved life expectancy globally. We live in a healthier society today because of them. The have a very good track record of helping solve health problems. We have trusted them for years. Prescribed drugs are taken without asking to see the production process or the results of their efficacy tests. We trust the system that made that drug available to us with our most prized possession: our lives.

It is a bit curious then, that we seem to have suddenly all lost faith in that same institution. The reasons vary from our skepticisms (which is normal) to us paying too much attention to conspiracy opinions that are baseless. The coronavirus vaccine has been subjected to such opinions and some of them however weird need to be debunked.

If You Are Reading This, It Is Too Late. (LOL)

Rumour out there is that Bill Gates is leading a global satanic cabal fulfilling the role of the Anti-Christ. Another says globalists trying to give everyone a unique identity are going to implant chips in us all. The aim is to give us some code to make us comply with their future whims.

Let us be clear, if the goal is to give us all a number and prevent us from doing business and even attack our ability to function daily, it is probably in full effect already.

If you are reading this article, you probably have a set of numbers attached to your identity. A student? You have a matriculation number or student ID.

If you are an American, you have a Social Security Number which holds a lot of your information. You know what you can do with it, you know what you can do if you do not have it: not much.

If you are a traveller, you possess an international passport. What is the most important part of that little book? You guessed right; it is your passport number.

You have a telephone number! It is attached to your sim card and it follows you everywhere! It is attached to so much of your life.

A Nigerian reading has a Bank Verification Number (BVN) and a National Identification Number (NIN). Without a BVN, you cannot do bank transactions and your telephone line a lot of your life are hooked to your NIN.

Whichever country you are reading this from, you know you have a set of numbers attached to your identity.

There is one thing all these numbers have in common; the are unique to each individual. No one else in the world has your telephone number. Your mobile phone has its unique IMEI, your computer has its unique tag and it’s WiFi MAC Address. These can be tracked to reveal your location anytime, anywhere. If your phone number is dialled from the moon, your phone in a remote Tanzanian village will ring. Anywhere your passport number is input – provided they have the access; your details will be displayed.

These numbers are so important to us and we rush to register for them and even freak out if we lose them or are victims of identity theft.

Fact is, anyone who seeks global control through identification numbers has a vast database to work with already and s/he only needs access.

Those vaccines? They are just that. Vaccines.

If the pharmaceutical companies behind these vaccines are in on such a global conspiracy, it would have to be the grandest conspiracy ever seen. Too many people work in these companies for a leak to not have happened.

It is nothing more than a weakened version of the virus introduced into our systems to train our immune systems against the real thing. We have all enjoyed the benefits of vaccines.

As an African, I was vaccinated against polio, measles, yellow fever and tetanus. I did not suffer from any of these diseases when I was younger. Polio has finally been eradicated in Nigeria and we have vaccines to thank for that. Today, kids are been vaccinated against hepatitis B and BCG in addition to the ones those of older generations got.

We should worry less about vaccines. Science monitors and regulates itself. It won’t let us down now.

As for our fears of world domination by someone who has some supreme powers, we are just going to have to keep trusting the systems that have used numbers and identification for records to keep using them for the right purposes.

The vaccines however, are not the enemy.