Andy Finoana Manohisoa Ratsimbazafy is a young influencer and make-up artist in Madagascar. Andy is currently an undergraduate in Accounting and Finances Management and is 20 years old. Her passion for make-up started two years ago. Andy’s mother holds a beauty salon at Antsirabe, an attractive and touristic town 165 kilometers away from the capital. She was raised by her mother and helped her manage the family company and taking care of her two younger sisters. Like many passionate and devoted young women leaders, the one thing that motivates Andy to study and work hard is her dreams. We all have dreams to sustain us when we are about to quit. And one of Andy’s dreams is to have her own cosmetics brand: Andy Cosmetics.

Andy started to invest in her passion for cosmetics two years ago by creating a Facebook page in which she give updates to her friends of her works. She helped her cousins and friends in doing make-up and posts the photo on her Facebook page, Andy Makeup. From 20 to 2,000 reactions per picture, Andy shares her work in various Facebook groups aiming to inspire people. At the moment, Andy Makeup has more than 5,000 followers. And her talent continues to spread throughout Madagascar’s capital, Antananarivo, where she is currently pursuing her university studies.

Besides that, Andy influences and inspires young women. She humbly demonstrates that you can be a finances student and love make-up at the same time. Doing make-up is a passion for her. Doing make-up is an art, a discipline that requires skills and perseverance. Despite her very young age, she keeps going on steps by steps to live her dream. Although she acquired most of her abilities from her mother, Andy also receives huge supports from her father.

2019 was a remarkable year for Andy. Here are some of her great achievements as a newcomer and young skilled make-up artist in Madagascar. She was selected to be among the jury panel for a national Miss & Mister Competition that took place in Antananarivo. Being a jury member for a national event is not a small accomplishment! Also, Andy was invited for the inauguration of the very first L’Oréal Professionnel Beauty Academy in Madagascar, which was a very big honor for her.

Since Andy is still pursuing her studies, sometimes she has to take risks and refuse some offers. She declined a contract with one of the most prestigious beauty salon in the capital to work with her. She refused to become an ambassador of a national cosmetics brand. She did that not because of pride or arrogance, but because of her studies. As mentioned above, the ultimate goal is “Andy Cosmetics”.

And Andy is helping a lot of people, especially women to feel more confident. Studies showed that putting on make-up calm the nerves and relax the mind. Doing make-up is about being able to enhance the beauty that is already there and see a version of yourself you feel proud of, that will translate positively to everyone you come across. But it entirely depends on the individual wearing it. She is a great example of what hard work and dedication to one’s dreams can achieve and with these, we hope that Andy Cosmetics will join the range of popular make-up brands around the world such as YSL Beauty or Maybelline.