Marianna Orlandi


Biography: Marianna Orlandi is the Public Relations Specialist at the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam). She is C-Fam’s representative and expert at the Organization of the American States, focusing her legal research on the policies being discussed and on the decisions being adopted by its Human Rights’ bodies and commissions.

Prior to joining C-Fam, Marianna earned a Ph.D. in Criminal Law, issued by both the University of Padua and the Austrian University of Innsbruck. She graduated in Law in Padua, where she also practiced as an attorney. Her international legal education included one year abroad study experience at the University of Berkeley; later, she conducted some of her Ph.D. research in Berlin. She held seminars and conferences at the Catholic University of Buenos Aires, in Moscow and in Japan. She is fluent in Italian, English, German and Spanish.

Marianna has been active in the Italian pro-life and pro-family debate for many years, both as an academic and as a private citizen. She published several newspaper articles on the topics of family, gender and marriage. She collaborated with Italian networks of pro-life and pro-family lawyers, jurists and politicians and quickly became one of their most important connections with allied European and American associations. At C-Fam, she continues to dedicate part of her time and attention to the European debate.

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