Witches and Children

| September 20, 2017

It is a simple shirt. Black with white block letters across the chest reading, “REPEAL.” A simple design with a sinister goal behind it.

A quick search online led to a website that sells these shirts, and promotes the message that abortion must be legalized across Ireland by repealing the eighth amendment.

This site displays a video in which a group of women all dressed in REPEAL shirts dramatically walk towards the sea while comparing themselves to women once accused of witchcraft and put on trial through water. Those who could survive drowning were declared witches and killed, while those who drowned were judged not to be witches. It was terrible test, which offered the women no escape from death regardless of guilt or innocence.

However, the connection between the alleged witches and the women today who want access to abortion is not as clear as they hoped to portray. During the witch trials, the woman was killed. During an abortion, a child is killed. In fact, the comparison could be more closely made between the helpless, innocent, and unheard women/witches and the helpless, innocent, and unheard children in the womb. Both were/are condemned to death for being something they aren’t. The women: witches. The childen: nonhuman.

In the coming year, the Irish people will likely have the choice to maintain or overturn Ireland’s Eighth Amendment, which protects the life of the child in the womb, according to new Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.[1] The tales of the witch trials trouble us because an innocent life was taken, the Irish people must not allow innocent lives to be destroyed today, especially the most innocent of all.


[1] http://www.thejournal.ie/abortion-ireland-4-3441468-Jun2017/


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