Being a Woman is a difficult job but someone has to do it

| November 2, 2015

I just saw the quote “Being a Woman is a difficult job but someone has to do it”, and I spend some time thinking about it. After thinking and thinking I realize that in fact, it is a hard job being a beautiful women in a world in which to be beautiful means the opposite to what it really is. To be a beautiful woman in today’s world, means that a woman has to wear cloth exposing her body, means that as a women we have to demonstrate every day that we are superior to man, means that as women we have to demonstrate that we are something we aren’t.

And of course, if beautiful would mean all that, that would be exhausting for us, women of the world, but to be beautiful is another thing. It means we poses virtue and that our beautifulness comes from our behavior not from the cloth showing our body. To be a beautiful women means that we recognize our capacity as women. I think that being beautiful is a difficult job, not because it is difficult to be, but because it seems that some groups in society are fighting in order to give another meaning to what being a woman mean.

As a women never forget that you are beautiful by the fact of being a human being with values and morality, not by being what the world tells you what to be or what you should be. Preserve your purity, your dignity and respect your beliefs. Never let someone to tell you that to be a beautiful women means to be a magazine model, a radical feminist that looks for equality instead of equity or a woman that thinks that maternity is an obstacle instead of a gift.

To be a woman is to be a human being that has born as a female, but to be a beautiful woman means to be a human that has integrity, and defends her sex, not to be superior to men but to be respected and valuable in society. If you want to defend your feminism defend the principle of being a human whose dignity is equal to man, with the unique quality of motherhood.

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