Gender Diversity Beyond Binaries?

The word “Gender” has become a hot topic more so now than ever before. stated that gender binary is “a classification system consisting of two genders, male and female, a concept or belief that there are only two genders and that one’s biological or birth gender will align with traditional social constructs of masculine […]

Marishia Allie | July 22, 2019


High-Level Political Forum Report: 2

As meetings in the High-Level Political Forum continued, the United States’ strange behavior made it clear that they are not investing in the 2030 Agenda. In many of the meetings, the United States is a diplomatic outlier. In this conference aimed at international cooperation, they pick fights and remain notably quiet. There is no discussion […]

Benedict Kinnison | July 22, 2019


On Eliminating Traditional Gender Pronouns

A few days ago, as I dragged my feet to the gym after work, I began listening to the latest release of the New York Times podcast “The Argument,” which comes out with a new show once a week. The premise of the show alone—a conservative, a centrist, and a liberal discussing relevant politics—keeps the […]

Cesar Azrak | July 22, 2019


Sustainable Goals: A Culture of Death

For the last week or so, the UN has been flooded with delegates and NGO agents to cover what has been billed as the UN’s next big project since its inception in 2013: the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF). At the heart of the self-declared “high-level” forum are a comprehensive list of 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” […]

Cesar Azrak | July 19, 2019

United Nations

High-Level Political Forum Report

I will be taking the opportunity with my next few posts to report on the High-Level Political Forum taking place at the United Nations. The UN has an ongoing initiative called the 2030 Agenda where they are aiming to achieve 17 major goals by the end of the next decade. These goals include everything from […]

Benedict Kinnison | July 15, 2019


The Importance of Mentorship

In this age of social media and the internet, it seems as if young people are suffering in a different way than any other generation ever has. It is a type of suffering that our parents and grandparents will never understand but is extremely real. With “living” on the internet comes pressure and comparison. Every […]

Amy Sharp | July 11, 2019


English Parliament Votes To Kill Irish Babies. Sound Familiar?

On Tuesday, in a stunning move–especially because both candidates for Conservative Party leadership, and thus, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said they did not want it done–the parliament of the UK voted to legalize abortion in Northern Ireland. England has their abortion law, but since the Good Friday Agreement went into effect in […]

Gregory Lobo | July 11, 2019



In Khartoum Sudan, has been a hot topic recently for many reasons. Since the end of Omar Al-Bashir’s 30-year rule has been ousted, many protests have been taken over the streets calling out for freedom, peace and justice. More recently, many women protestors have been taking action in protests and have been extremely vocal in […]

Marishia Allie | July 10, 2019

United Nations

Fact Check

Last week, the presidential election cycle of the United States kicked off with the first round of primary debates. A score of candidates took to the stage to make their case for nomination. Throughout the debate, candidates provided various statistics to support their policy ideas. This wave of information was then followed up by the […]

Benedict Kinnison | July 9, 2019


No, The Term “Concentration Camp” Should Not Be Retired, But The Culture Of Death Is Going To Wish It Were

Recently, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) ignited a firestorm when she described detention centers for illegal immigrants as “concentration camps.” This caused outrage from across the political spectrum, as well as from Jewish organizations. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) called the comments “ludicrous.” The implication was that the term “concentration camp” be retired because of the […]

Gregory Lobo | July 4, 2019


Price of Knowledge

We live in a free society, all things considered. Americans have it pretty good when it comes to academic learning, quality healthcare, and technological advancement. One of the greatest inventions of our time is the Internet. We’re living in a day and age where the entire collective knowledge of humanity lies at our fingertips. No […]

Jordan Mabe | July 4, 2019


Just Like Me: Barbie and Inclusivity

I remember the thrill of playing pretend with a doll that looked “just like me.” Of course, I played with many different dolls, but the one I related to the most looked like myself. As a brown-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian girl, I found my lookalike on many store shelves. It’s not always so easy for others […]

Sarah Jackson | July 1, 2019

Marriage and the Family

“Good Parenting Builds Society”

Last week, the UN hosted an event right up C-Fam’s alley on the UN Global Day of Parents. Hosted in part by the Holy See, the meeting pulled no punches, beginning with the headline: “Good Parenting Builds Society: The Importance of Motherhood and Fatherhood.” While I’m sure that all kinds of good work is being […]

Cesar Azrak | June 25, 2019