Juan Carlos Castagnino | El pintor en el balcón | 1969 | Acrílico sobre tela | 115 x 73 cm

Human Rights

The importance of the Inter-American Convention on Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons’ entry into force

The first convention on the rights of older persons, approved by the OAS on June 15th last year, is an instrument that seeks, as stated in its first article, “to promote, protect and ensure the recognition and the full enjoyment and exercise, on an equal basis, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms of older […]

María Zúñiga | October 26, 2016
Stephanie Packer- photo from New York Post


Euthanasia: Dangerous for Sick who Want to Live

Euthanasia, which is often portrayed as a compassionate option, is actually quite the opposite. The act of deliberately killing a person because of a medical condition destroys the patient caregiver relationship, just as Dr. Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation described at Temple University’s Beasley School of Law in October. Dr. Ryan Anderson made a […]

Natasha Tax | October 26, 2016
Wiktor Dabkowski


Polonia y Francia: la dicotomía de las marchas

La desobediencia civil y la manifestación pública (marchas) son derechos que todo ciudadano tiene para expresar el descontento hacia las acciones de su gobierno. Tal derecho no puede ser derogado, hecho que protege con dignidad el libre albedrío del ciudadano. Esta condición permite la confrontación de ideas con el estado de una forma pacífica y […]

André Fernando Alba | October 25, 2016

Catholic Teaching

Justicia, ¿popular?

En un escrito anterior ya he abordado la responsabilidad inalienable del Estado de asegurar el cumplimiento de la ley en su territorio. Ahora abro otro cuestionamiento crucial en la vida de las sociedades actuales: ¿qué pasa cuando el gobierno no cumple con sus obligaciones? “Atención ratero: si te sorprendemos robando, los vecinos te vamos a linchar”: […]

J. Francisco Macías | October 21, 2016


Planned Parenthood Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Today, October 16, 2016, Planned Parenthood celebrates its 100th birthday. It is ironic when you think about it. They have killed more than 7 million babies, babies that will never even see the light of day, much less even celebrate a single birthday. Planned Parenthood’s goal was and still is to destroy the family. They […]

Sarah Kepins | October 16, 2016


Por uma infância protegida nós lutamos

No ano passado, nós do Grupo de Ação Política – GAP, juntamente aos nossos parceiros colaboradores, realizamos a 1ª Marcha pela Vida em Belo Horizonte/MG, em Setembro, chamando a atenção dos nossos parlamentares para uma pauta de respeito à vida desde a concepção! Esse ano, decidimos fazer um pouco diferente. Como no Brasil temos um dia […]

Aléxia Duarte | October 16, 2016
A Kurdish woman stands in resistance to ISIL. Photo Credit: Times UK


Not Merely Victims: Three Things to Know About Women and the Islamic State

When the Islamic State is mentioned in passing, an oversimplified narrative of good versus evil, predators versus prey, tends to result. Indeed, ISIL—the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant—has been quite open about its practices, streaming videos of crucifixions and decapitations online to transmit fear and garner respect. Brutality against women has been at the forefront […]

Barbara B. | October 14, 2016

Defending the Faith

El reto de secularizar los argumentos

Recientemente platicaba con otro colaborador de este mismo blog sobre los retos cotidianos de ser un joven conservador, retos que van desde participar en una plática de sobre mesa hasta ser discriminado por no seguir las corrientes progresistas. Ya entrada la conversación llegamos a la conclusión de que, en un ámbito social juvenil, es importante […]

Paulina Ornelas | October 14, 2016
Photo taken from Women's Rights Without Fronteris Website http://www.womensrightswithoutfrontiers.org/index.php


Revealing Injustice: Forced Abortion in China

At the Vita et Veritas Conference at Yale University, Reggie Littlejohn, an advocate for the unborn and their mothers in China shared her story. As a lawyer, Reggie Littlejohn provided legal representation for several women from China, who had been forcibly sterilized and forced to abort their babies. Knowing that she had to do something […]

Natasha Tax | October 13, 2016


Feminism has failed Trafficked Women

Many movements ending with the “ism” suffix, such as Marxism, atheism, agnosticism, positivism, relativism, reductionism, materialism, socialism, communism, hedonism, among several others, haven’t gone down well in the history of mankind for many reasons. Some were too idealistic or utopic; some had either illogical premises or conclusions; some, when implemented, caused more harm than good; […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | October 9, 2016

Human Rights

¿Quién tiene la culpa de los muertos?

Esta semana ha sacudido a Latinoamérica la situación de Colombia. Después de suscritos los Acuerdos de la Habana con las FARC, en el plebiscito convocado por el gobierno se ha impuesto el “No”. De lo que entiendo desde México, la locura de la incertidumbre se cierne sobre el pueblo colombiano, pues existen muchas posturas encontradas: […]

J. Francisco Macías | October 7, 2016


Is there a global ‘loneliness epidemic’?

Last month, The New York Times reported on a series of initiatives in Britain to address an unusual concern: loneliness. Describing it as a “serious public health issue” affecting mostly senior citizens, the National Health Service, along with local governments and charities, has taken steps toward improvement. They have set up 24-hour loneliness call-in lines, […]

Barbara B. | October 6, 2016

Youth Forum

En Busca del Amor Infinito: ¡Un Viaje a las Estrellas!

Quiero compartirte un mensaje: ¡Estás hecho para habitar entre las estrellas! Así es, tu corazón anhela un amor trascendente, infinito, que verdaderamente lo colme. Si en el silencio de la noche lo escucharás podrás apreciar que no palpita, sino que tirita como esas pequeñas luces azules. No es una metáfora lo que te estoy contando, […]

Erman Tejeda | October 5, 2016