Marriage and the Family

Domestic Robots? Technology and the Family

An article on Slate detailed the increasing popularity of in-home smart speaker assistants, and how families have been using them. The article describes how some families barely use the technology, and in some cases even leave it in the box for weeks and months. But in other cases, the smart speaker has become so inherent […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 30, 2018

Reproductive Health/Family Planning

Voluntary Sterilization: Is It Right?

Usually when we hear about sterilization, the context is a harrowing tale of coercion in order to control certain groups of people, usually minorities. Yet, recently in The New York Times I was surprised to find an opinion piece written by a woman arguing that doctors must perform sterilizations on women who request them, swallowing […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 9, 2018


Coming Out Pro Life

It’s not always easy as a student. I’ve sat in a desk on numerous occasions: sweating, heart beating fast, even shaking sometimes. What’s the anxiety? To come out as pro-life. Recently I was in a class discussion about abortion. From the start I knew that nearly all of my peers were pro-choice. And knowing that […]

Kiersten Lynch | January 9, 2018

Population Control

Vasectomy-thon for the ‘World Vasectomy Day’- old wine in new bottle of Population Control.

On November 19, population control advocates celebrated ‘World Vasectomy Day’. This year a special event was hosted in Mexico by DKT International, National center for Gender Equity and Government of Mexico with the support of IPPF, Marie Stopes, FHI360 and other population control groups. The highlight of the event was a 24 hour “vasectomy-thon” where […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | November 28, 2017

Catholic Teaching

Righteous Anger

Today, false peace and niceties can often take precedent over truth and reality. Living within society, we can find ourselves remaining silent or passive in order to avoid confrontation or uncomfortable situations. While there are times it is best to maintain civility or hold the peace, there are also times when anger can be righteous. […]

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Grace Hoffman | November 20, 2017


Educación; Recurso inagotable a la prosperidad.

¿Sabías que México obtuvo el primer lugar? ¡Así es! El primer lugar por un sistema educativo que está estancado entre los millones de pesos invertidos en “el mantenimiento de instalaciones” y por un pésimo modelo educativo en el que el dinero dejó de ser suficiente para evaluar la verdadera educación en México. Según el Reporte […]

María José Valdes Rodriguez | November 16, 2017

Youth Forum

Never be afraid of…believing in your call!

How do I find my vocation in life?   Have you always found yourself asking: Am I good at this or that? Is this what I am called to do? Well, these 5 “never be afraid of” messages are for you!   Never be afraid of exploring! To discover your own life-vocation is a unique […]

Caterina Milo | November 15, 2017

Reproductive Health/Family Planning

Asia Congress Agrees Children Should Have Access to Contraception and Abortion

“1 in 5 World’s adolescents lives in Asia,” was the outcry at the Eleventh World Congress for Adolescent Health in India last month, where 1100 delegates from over sixty countries, UN agencies, NGOs, governmental agencies, and research institutions gathered on October 27th. The event succeeded in instilling panic and urgency among participants by gross misrepresentation […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | November 13, 2017


Portugal. The Man’s Pro-Abortion Music Video

Earlier this year, a Pacific-coast band called Portugal. The Man released an “interactive” music video to the tune of their song called “Feel It Still.” The video, released in March, is jam-packed with anti-conservative imagery and radical socialist ideas. Many observers, from both sides of the political aisle, seem to be in agreement that the […]

Brenna Lewis | November 10, 2017


México: ¿Las leyes protegen al embrión humano?

La Vida es un derecho fundamental, el cual se encuentra reconocido en todas las legislaciones del mundo y en los tratados internacionales. Sin la vida no es posible hablar del resto de los derechos humanos que nos corresponden como personas. Sin embargo, la discusión no está fundada en su importancia; se debate más bien  sobre […]

Luis Guillermo Flores | November 10, 2017

Youth Forum

How to handle opposition in 5 simple tips.

Are you a shy person? Are you always worried about how to handle opponents? Do you blame yourself after a conversation because you were not able to express your opinion? Yes? Then these suggestions are for you! Whether you are chatting with a friend, or having a formal conversation with a colleague, you might find these […]

Caterina Milo | October 31, 2017

Human Rights

Human Dignity in Halloween Culture?

When Halloween rolls around, especially in American culture, we see a wide array of films and entertainment centered around zombies, vampires, monsters, and horror. But whether we realize it or not, these films—sometimes icons of culture—involve much violence and gore. We embrace this blood and gore without thinking about it, as if it’s completely normal. […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 31, 2017


Head Transplants: Are They Moral?

An article published on Newsweek online detailed an update regarding the head transplant scheduled to occur this year or in 2018 by Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero. Canavero has been studying the possibility of transplanting a head onto another body for much time, with his research focused on severing and reconnecting the spinal cords of small […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 28, 2017