Human Rights

Can Homelessness End In a Decade?

The problem of homelessness has always existed, but in recent years it has only seemed to grow. Indeed, according to a BBC article, homelessness has steadily risen for the past seven years. However, England has decided to care for the less fortunate and do something about homelessness. The article, published August 12, said England’s government […]

Sarah Jackson | August 15, 2018


When I Was Confirmed, I Didn’t Even Know What The Pro-Life Movement Was. Now I Cant Think Of A More Appropriate Confirmation Name For Me

I had my Confirmation at the beginning of high school with the others in my class. At Conformation, many choose to take a Confirmation name, which is supposed to be that of a saint who you want to emulate in your faith journey. I, as a dumb kid, picked Michael because I thought the story […]

Gregory Lobo | August 14, 2018


Resist Narrow Media Narratives…Seriously

This week the pro-life movement rejoiced with the Senate vote in Argentina passing in favor of the pro-life movement, 38-31. However, when news of the vote entered the media scene, many articles immediately turned to the Catholic Church as the focus of the issue instead of the advocates themselves. TIME Magazine ran a headline: “Argentina’s […]

Kiersten Lynch | August 14, 2018


The Hope of Redemption

To whom then will you compare me, that I should be like him? says the Holy One. Lift up your eyes on high and see: who created these? He who brings out their host by number, calling them all by name; by the greatness of his might and because he is strong in power, not […]

Abigail Long | August 9, 2018


International AIDS Conference: Two Sides to the Story, but Where is the Truth?

The International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2018) is like an unkempt braid. There are three distinct stories intertwined in an effort to resemble a whole, yet the individual strands are still evident. The first story is the one made up of “marginalized groups” advocates, which include “sex workers,” transgender individuals, “men who have sex with men” […]

Abigail Long | August 9, 2018


Why did I write to 167 Bishops of India?

I wrote to almost all the Bishops in India, including the office of the Nuncio. I had to write to all of them because there is just too much innocent blood flowing down the nation. This August 10th marks the 47th anniversary of legalized abortion in India. So far, the total estimate of children killed […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | August 3, 2018


AIDS 2018: This is what your tax dollars are paying for.

Yes, folks it’s that time of year again, AIDS 2018! Another year another conference meant to bring awareness to the AIDS pandemic, turned into a lavish event for social justice warriors to push their agenda. This year they have really upped the ante by adding artistic performances by groups like ‘House of Hopelezz’ drag queens […]

Abigail Hoisington | August 2, 2018

Human Rights

Combining National and International Peace Building mechanisms: with a special consideration to women and their vital role in this paradigm.

  The Strathmore Law School two weeks ago was gracious to host Professor Abdullahi Ahmed who is a lecturer of Law at the Emory Law School. He gave a presentation on “The Limited Legal protection of human rights and individual and collective self-determination”. The crux of his presentation was on the long lasting nature of […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | August 1, 2018


Pardoning Robert Latimer Would Be A Disaster For The Disability Community

Last week, the news came out that convicted murderer, Robert Latimer, wrote a letter to the Canadian Federal Minister of Justice seeking a pardon or a new trial for the 1993 murder of his daughter Tracy, who had cerebral palsy. On October 24, 1993, Latimer sat Tracy in the front seat of his truck, put […]

Gregory Lobo | July 30, 2018


Thoughts on Underoath

Underoath is an American rock band from Florida. They recently came back with a new album after being split up for a couple of years and many fans were surprised when the traditionally metal-core Christian band seemed to become secular. Some of the band members even released a video titled “Underoath’s Three Thoughts on Christianity”. […]

Jordan Mabe | July 30, 2018


Argentina: An Extreme Example for the World

This week, LifeNews reported the unveiling of a disturbingly violent video game, “Doom Fetito” in South America meant to mock pro-life advocates as the date looms for the country to vote on pro-abortion legislation. The game involves a mission to acquire an abortion-inducing drug by battling Catholic priests, pro-life women, Nazi-like police, and a giant […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 29, 2018


When all else fails, turn to the…kids?

The new trend in politics is to put youth at the forefront of important decisions. As part of America’s youth, I’m begging you, stop putting us in charge! Some member states of the UN are pulling a new stunt where they bring youth ambassadors to speak on behalf of their country. I had the privilege […]

Abigail Hoisington | July 26, 2018

United Nations

President Trump called a “Road Bump” at the United Nations: People are Not Obstacles & Other Reflections on the Humanity Around Us

The most uncouth criticism of an individual that I have heard at the United Nations in my time there this summer was spoken during the opening session of the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) on Sustainable Development on July 9 at the United Nations headquarters. This criticism came from Mr. Alex Steffen, a “planetary futurist”1, “eco-crusader,”2 […]

Abigail Long | July 26, 2018