Hack Wilson Put Up Some Of The Best Seasons In MLB History, But There Are Some Today Who Would Have Had Him Aborted

On Wednesday, for my birthday, I got a game for my computer, Out Of The Park Baseball 19, which is a simulation baseball game, and an incredibly in depth one at that. The first thing I decided to do was a historical simulation that was simply following the game throughout history, but there was a […]

Gregory Lobo | December 17, 2018


Family: The focal point of primary socialization, equality and the protection of children

Children remain an important cog for the development of any country and their upkeep is vital for internal growth and global competitiveness. It is from this background that every progressive and futuristic polity invest and work tirelessly to empower and protect its children. One of the fundamental issues that have been overlooked in the recent […]

Archlove Takunda Tanyanyiwa | December 13, 2018


Grace and Mercy

I constantly get asked the question, “You are majoring in criminal justice? What do you want to do with that?” I always laugh because everybody’s first thought is policeman, or FBI. In fact, that was my first thought when I chose my major. What so many people do not understand is that there are so […]

Amy Sharp | December 4, 2018



Recently in my Juvenile Justice course I was assigned to write a research paper regarding any topic within the realm of juvenile justice. The topic that I chose was bullying within high schools. What started as a simple assignment turned into an obsession over something that more people need to pay attention to. According to […]

Amy Sharp | December 4, 2018


The Problem of Sex

According to everything we believe to be true, sex should be at an all time high. Ever since the sexual revolution of the 70s, sex has slowly morphed from something that never got a lot of limelight into something that is normal for most people to talk about and discuss. Overall, society has become much […]

Jordan Mabe | November 30, 2018


When Christmas Turns to Craziness

Mere hours after families consume roasted turkeys and cite blessings they are thankful for, hordes of determined shoppers burst through the doors of nearly every store in the United States for the unofficial beginning of the Christmas season. What happens to the thankful people gathered with their loved ones? Are those blessings forgotten in the […]

Sarah Jackson | November 27, 2018


The Emoji Movie Fails As Left-Wing Propaganda

On Tuesday night, I watched The Emoji Movie with my mother and my brother. I had seen it once before, and that was when I had gotten my idea about it. I saw through it as soon as I saw it. The Emoji Movie, MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD, is about a world of emojis, those little […]

Gregory Lobo | November 27, 2018



The Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights[1] was adopted by the United Nations Economic and Social Committee (UNESCO) in 2005. This declaration helps govern the respect for human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms as a result of arising ethical issues raised by medicine and life science. The International bioethics committee helps ensure that […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | November 26, 2018


Season’s Meaning: The Church and Holiday Depression

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and that means turkey, thankfulness and time with family. Though this time of year is supposed to be a season for joy and happiness, it can also be a time when many people struggle with holiday depression. According to WebMD, “Balancing the demands of shopping, parties, family obligations, […]

Sarah Jackson | November 20, 2018


Why Relationships are Important

The battleground of culture isn’t university. It isn’t political debates or marches against any institution. The battleground of culture is in relationships. The more I think about it, the more I realize that people don’t change their minds overnight. Rarely do people change through debate or argumentation. We learn information from those we appreciate and […]

Jordan Mabe | November 20, 2018

Catholic Teaching

El llamado a la santidad a través de la entrega generosa del político.

Es solo a través de una verdadera vocación de servicio en la que se puede comprender el sentido primero de la vocación política. Partiendo de que el amor es el motor de nuestra vida como cristianos, el servicio al prójimo es la exhortación de Dios Padre de cómo se manifiesta en nosotros para volvernos instrumento […]

Valdes Rodriguez María José | November 12, 2018

Human Rights

VIDEO – IYc: Who We Are

Get to know the IYc team and the issues close to their hearts and minds! We at IYc believe in the right to life, the proper understanding of masculinity and femininity, the proper expression of human sexuality, nonviolence, the intrinsic dignity of the human person, the family and the rights of parents, and the Universal […]

IYc Contributor | November 10, 2018


The Greatest Computer Game Of All Time And Its Wheelchair-Bound Role Model

It’s been nearly two months since we sold our house and moved into my grandparents’ house, and there will be a little more time before we move out of their house and into a new one. It is not like home entirely and there are stairs so I very seldom go up, but I have […]

Gregory Lobo | November 6, 2018