Christ or State?

How does a Christian fit into a political system?   This must be a question I have asked myself a thousand times over. I used to consider myself pretty apolitical. I honestly tried my best to ignore politics and not care. But then one day, something funny happened:   I learned morals.   I remember […]

Jordan Mabe | October 17, 2018


The Bill of Rights Explained Part: 1

  It is hard with the grand disagreement between liberals and conservatives to see the neutralism and grand benefits of the American government and justice system. In 1607, when America was colonized, those that left their homes needed true freedom. Many mistake the definition of freedom with “the right to do anything you want” while […]

Amy Sharp | October 17, 2018


The Ableist Undertones of the Left’s Kanye Hate

Recently, rapper Kanye West performed on Saturday Night Live. While on stage, he expressed his admiration for President Donald Trump. The left-wing media reacted to this by denigrating Mr. West, mostly on race. Mr. West, being an African-American, is supposed to oppose President Trump. As if it were not bad enough that Mr. West was […]

Gregory Lobo | October 9, 2018

Marriage and the Family

Should Porn Be Considered A Public Health Concern?

I do not think there is anything in this world that is simultaneously loved and hated like pornography. According to Psychologytoday, the pornography industry brings in $10 to $12 billion per year in the United States alone. The negative impacts of pornography are endless and, this article will be examining a few of those negative […]

Anelie Umwiza | October 8, 2018


Hablemos de Aborto y Discapacidad

Como Licenciada en Fisioterapia, considero que hablar de discapacidad e inclusión social en México es de suma importancia no solo por el compromiso profesional sino también, en la promoción de la dignidad humana a través de la cultura de la vida buscando generar una sociedad justa que permita el pleno desarrollo de cualquier ser humano […]

Valdes Rodriguez María José | October 5, 2018


Fight for $7.25

“Wouldn’t everyone like to be paid higher minimum wage?” I think to myself as a poor college student. It is no secret that Democrats have been attempting to raise the minimum wage for several years now. Most clamoring for a $15 federal minimum. And while I won’t lie, that sounds incredibly nice: Is that really […]

Jordan Mabe | October 1, 2018


Preventing Abuse Before the Cycle Repeats

According to the World Health Organization, a quarter of all adults report having been physically abused as children. One in five women and one in 13 men report having been sexually abused as a child. These two statistics apply to the world. Out of seven billion people in the world, a quarter of them report […]

Amy Sharp | September 30, 2018


Believe In Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything.

Recently, Nike launched a new advertising campaign featuring controversial former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The advertisement showed a portrait of Kaepernick with the words “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The move was met with swift backlash from those who disagree with Kaepernick’s kneeling for the National Anthem and his […]

Gregory Lobo | September 30, 2018


Knowing When to Be Silent

Scrolling through Facebook, I stumbled across a message I have seen many times before. It was one of those copy/paste statuses that constantly spread through social media. Most people have probably seen something similar: It offered physical, mental and emotional support to those who feel isolated, especially for mental health reasons. It was a plea […]

Sarah Jackson | September 27, 2018



In Kenya, as well as many other African countries, agri-business is a sector that drives the economy. Further to this, it has been shown that women in the rural areas depend on this as a source of livelihood. For instance in Kenya, 80 percent of the farmers are women, of which most are single parent […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | September 25, 2018


OPINION: You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Arguments

The internet provides a forum for the free expression of ideals and values. An intellectual melting pot where some of the brightest minds compare and dialogue about several vast issues. Social media added a social element to this forum. People could put themselves on display and interact with other people. Many people debate whether social […]

Jordan Mabe | September 18, 2018


“In Loco Parentis”

A common question that I get regarding parenting within the criminal justice system is “What are you going to do when/if she gets in trouble with the law?” Every single parent struggles with the thought of how they would react if their child were caught up in something illegal. It is every parent’s first instinct […]

Amy Sharp | September 18, 2018

Human Rights

For the Women Who Do Both

For many girls, being voted homecoming queen would be the highlight of their senior year, but when Mississippi high school senior Kaylee Foster got the crown, her night was just getting started. Foster was crowned homecoming queen Friday, September 7, and after taking a few pictures, she switched out her tiara for a football helmet. […]

Sarah Jackson | September 17, 2018