Catholic Teaching

First Communion: So much more than an Opportunity to Play Dress Up

First Communion: So much more than an Opportunity to Play Dress Up   What is the meaning of a First Communion? As I was walking home to my apartment in Spain a few weeks ago, I saw an advertisement that made me question my understanding of the Eucharist and how Catechism prepares Catholics, especially children […]

Natasha Tax | April 18, 2017


Menopausal Woman Nostalgic for Choice

Earlier this month, conservative speaker, Ben Shapiro, spoke at the University of Florida. Students and visitors—including myself– lined up hours in advance for tickets to the highly anticipated event. Tickets ran out very quickly and a few hours later hundreds returned to the venue to wait in hopeful anticipation for a few extra tickets or […]

Grace Hoffman | April 18, 2017


La verdadera Pascua

La Pascua se ha tornado en un tema concurrido entre creyentes y no creyentes como una conmemoración en donde la cultura popular lo ha asociado a la primavera, los conejos y la búsqueda de huevos decorados. A veces es imposible no culparlos, pues no es un secreto que las vacaciones de Semana Santa y Pascua […]

André Fernando Alba | April 17, 2017


Canada Helps Africa with Sexual Reproductive Health

Recently, Canada has developed nine new grants which would ‘improve access to sexual and reproductive health services in Africa.’ Having donated $4.5 million dollars for this research, Canada ensures Africa will one day have a better healthcare system. As mention in the grant, it would help improve maternal and child health globally. An article by […]

Ruth Rosa | April 17, 2017

Catholic Teaching

La salvación de la tierra

En la sociedad actual está de moda la “salvación” de la tierra. Es a todas luces evidente que el hombre se excedió en sus ambiciones de producción, y ahora estamos sufriendo las consecuencias —bosques destruidos, animales en extinción, escasez de bienes y materias primas—; pero… ¿lo que estamos haciendo para mejorar el ambiente es lo […]

J. Francisco Macías | April 12, 2017


Kenya: “We can improve and save millions”

“If we can reach the poorest and the most vulnerable populations with quality sexual and reproductive health information and services, we can save many lives and improve countless others” mentioned news reporter Okun Oliech of U-report, an organization that promotes abortion in Kenya. He wrote this on Friday, April 7th. Kenya’s abortion policy allows women […]

Ruth Rosa | April 12, 2017


My Overall Impression of CSW61

Overall, my experience attending the Commission on the Status of Women 61 was a positive one, despite the UN’s liberal agenda. If not for C-Fam, the issue of life would not be represented at all. I noticed that for any of the sections whenever the issue of life was brought up by question askers, the […]

Sarah Kepins | April 9, 2017


A Panel on the Sex Trade

One of my favorite panels when I attended the Commission on the Status of Women was the panel titled: Does Full Decriminalization of the Sex Trade Lead to Women’s Empowerment? This panel was hosted by women@thewell. Women@thewell strives to provide support and care for women who have been victims of prostitution. The services provided included: […]

Sarah Kepins | April 8, 2017


Victory for Life and Religious Freedom!

After almost fourteen months since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia in February 2016, the Senate voted 54-45 to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch as the 113th Justice of the Supreme Court. This confirmation marks a victory for religious freedom and the Constitutional right to life! Whatever one’s opinion of President Trump’s early days in office, […]

Grace Hoffman | April 7, 2017

Defending the Faith

Harmless message, violent reaction

Spanish NGO “HazteOir” dared to say out loud that boys are boys and girls are girls with an orange bus printed with such surly message. Even if this message may seem a self-evident truth, taught at biology class —which would make it so meaningless and harmless to even care about it—, it caused an unprecedented […]

J. Francisco Macías | April 6, 2017


Asking Advice or Donating to Planned Parenthood?

Yesterday, I watched a Vanity Fair YouTube video with Emma Watson giving advice to people at Grand Central Station in New York. To get direct advice from Watson, via FaceTime, one would have to pay $2. Emma Watson, an acclaimed actress known for her work in the Harry Potter films and the live action film […]

Ruth Rosa | April 3, 2017


Los feminicidios y el aborto en Jalisco

El estado de Jalisco, México ha sido uno de los líderes en feminicidios durante los últimos años. Además, las estadísticas de violencia de género ya han despertado críticas del gobierno federal. Jalisco está al borde de proclamarse en “alerta de género”. Con todo esto, la respuesta del gobierno refleja la agenda neoliberal que ya es […]

André Fernando Alba | April 2, 2017


CSW61: “Contraception is a lifesaving service”

During the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW61), Denmark hosted an event on March 20th, 2017 on “Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergency Response.” The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) co-hosted the event. Panelists informed the audience of the great need for sexual and reproductive health centers in countries that are in war […]

Ruth Rosa | March 31, 2017