Maxime Comtois and The Dark Side of Sports Fandom

If I remember correctly, it says in my bio that I’m a hockey fan, so you had to expect a hockey article at some point, so… here it is. Recently, the International Ice Hockey Federation World Junior Championships finished up in Vancouver. This is an international tournament for players under 20 years old. Anaheim Ducks […]

Gregory Lobo | January 17, 2019


Across the Street: the Stigma of Self-harm

“You go across the street for attention, down the street for results.” At first, I didn’t catch what my coworker was saying. It was near the end of a slow shift, and I hadn’t been listening closely. Seeing my blank look, he repeated himself – while miming slash marks across his wrist and down his […]

Sarah Jackson | January 17, 2019


New Year, Same Me

New Years has always been a weird time for me. I don’t think I’ve ever quite wrapped my head around the whole concept. I don’t understand that even though we have a holiday that is explicitly centered around new beginnings, it’s implicitly centered around the futility of change.   Let me explain:   Every year […]

Jordan Mabe | January 17, 2019


What is African feminism? An introduction

The African female is vastly different from the Western female given the different socio-economic, political and cultural structures. Further the African female is viewed to have somewhat different preconditions from the Western Female, such as war, poverty, illness, illiteracy and so on. Therefore it has emerged that in the plight for female empowerment the African […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | January 14, 2019


A different feminist approach to the pro-choice question

My country Kenya has recently been caught in the wave of pro-choice and pro-life debate as one of the main hospitals carrying out legal abortions was asked to shut down. Many young women have taken it to social media to argue the same old narrative that women should be allowed to do whatever they please […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | January 10, 2019

Human Rights

VIDEO – IYc: Who We Are

Get to know the IYc team and the issues close to their hearts and minds! We at IYc believe in the right to life, the proper understanding of masculinity and femininity, the proper expression of human sexuality, nonviolence, the intrinsic dignity of the human person, the family and the rights of parents, and the Universal […]

IYc Contributor | January 10, 2019

Defending the Faith

Confronting the Reality of Sexual Assault in the Church, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I talked about the sexual assault allegations that many branches of the church – Protestant and Catholic alike – are facing today. I spoke of the first step the church must take in order to bring healing: confession. However, with the shortcomings of church leadership coming to light, many […]

Sarah Jackson | December 28, 2018

Defending the Faith

Confronting the Reality of Sexual Assault in the Church, Part 1

Scandals regarding sexual abuse in various religious denominations have dominated much of the news cycle in 2018. Catholic and Protestant churches have both been put under scrutiny for sexual misconduct, and many allegations directed against church leaders have surfaced in the past year. Victims of abuse are coming forward to share their stories, and hundreds […]

Sarah Jackson | December 28, 2018


The Rise of Pro-Life

We are now living in a time where 56% of Americans believe abortion to be morally wrong. This is up substantially from 1995, where only 33% of Americans polled would identify as pro-life. So what has caused such a rise in the pro-life movement? Many different people have many different theories on why Americans have […]

Jordan Mabe | December 28, 2018


Hack Wilson Put Up Some Of The Best Seasons In MLB History, But There Are Some Today Who Would Have Had Him Aborted

On Wednesday, for my birthday, I got a game for my computer, Out Of The Park Baseball 19, which is a simulation baseball game, and an incredibly in depth one at that. The first thing I decided to do was a historical simulation that was simply following the game throughout history, but there was a […]

Gregory Lobo | December 17, 2018


Family: The focal point of primary socialization, equality and the protection of children

Children remain an important cog for the development of any country and their upkeep is vital for internal growth and global competitiveness. It is from this background that every progressive and futuristic polity invest and work tirelessly to empower and protect its children. One of the fundamental issues that have been overlooked in the recent […]

Archlove Takunda Tanyanyiwa | December 13, 2018


Grace and Mercy

I constantly get asked the question, “You are majoring in criminal justice? What do you want to do with that?” I always laugh because everybody’s first thought is policeman, or FBI. In fact, that was my first thought when I chose my major. What so many people do not understand is that there are so […]

Amy Sharp | December 4, 2018



Recently in my Juvenile Justice course I was assigned to write a research paper regarding any topic within the realm of juvenile justice. The topic that I chose was bullying within high schools. What started as a simple assignment turned into an obsession over something that more people need to pay attention to. According to […]

Amy Sharp | December 4, 2018