Pablo Escobar y los jóvenes colombianos.

Colombia es un país hermoso desde donde se le mire, en el horizonte hay infinidad de paisajes entre los que se encuentran llanuras, paramos, montañas, cordilleras, selvas y desiertos. Es el país con más diversidad de aves y anfibios y el segundo más biodiverso del planeta. También, grandes riquezas minerales están bajo su suelo oro, […]

Juan Antonio Piragua Bernal | August 15, 2017


The Science Behind Not Legalizing Marijuana

SAM (Smart Approaches to Marijuana) held a webinar discussing the costs of legalization in states that legalize the retail sale of marijuana (at the state level). The webinar opened up by laying out SAM’s goals and promotions: it promotes health first, smart policies, meaning alternatives to incarceration and to help people heal (i.e. rehab) from their addictions, and attitudes […]

Jordan Hayley | August 10, 2017

Marriage and the Family

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris: Is Love Really Dead?

Though many might believe that their ideas about love and the meaning of love are products of philosophy and objective truths—it’s probably more accurate to say that their beliefs about “love” are influenced by culture, especially by celebrities and people plastered on television and social media. With the news of another celebrity break-up, Chris Pratt […]

Kiersten Lynch | August 10, 2017


Los estragos de la aldea global

Los grandes cambios en los medios de comunicación han provocado la era de la convergencia. Ahora todo está a un clic de distancia: series, películas, podcasts, música y cualquier otro producto multimedia. Sin embargo, la amplia fluctuación de información no siempre ha contribuido a un mejor orden social y al fomento de las buenas costumbres. […]

André Fernando Alba | August 7, 2017


How College Campuses’ Should “Not be a Day Care”

Dr. Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OKWU) and a Christian, spoke out against “safe spaces” and trigger warnings now used on college campuses. Piper says that OKWU is a “place to learn and be taught how to be selfless and not self-centered.” Dr. Piper addressed that by refusing to live by “big laws,” “little […]

Jordan Hayley | August 2, 2017


A turning point: Abortion’s decriminalisation in the UK

  On Tuesday the 27th of June, the British Medical association (BMA) voted in favor of a motion, which “decriminalizes” abortion. This motion follows a political bill proposal (i.e. Johnson’s Bill) started this January in the UK Parliament. Such stances raise concerns on the UK’s official position on ethically sensitive issues like abortion.   In […]

Caterina Milo | July 30, 2017


Manipulación Genética: Entrevista a Ramón Lucas Lucas (1)

Hace algún tiempo tuve la gran oportunidad de realizar una entrevista al P. Ramón Lucas Lucas L.C., profesor de antropología filosófica y experto en bioética; autor de varios libros como “Bioética para todos”, Explícame la persona”, “Horizonte Vertical”, entre otros. Me gustaría compartir con ustedes, en varios artículos, el resultado del diálogo que tuvimos acerca […]

Luis Guillermo Flores | July 28, 2017


The Measure of a Leader

World leaders have long been given the power to be influential figures and champions of change. Something so small as their vote or signature could be the difference between progress and stagnancy. However, what may easily be forgotten is the large responsibility that comes with the position. What they must remember is that their power […]

Jennifer Forgaciu | July 27, 2017


A Statement of Selfless Love: Charlie Gard’s Parents

With the unfortunate news of Connie Yates and Chris Gard choosing to end their legal battles for the life of their son, Charlie Gard, because of his now especially deteriorated condition, came the beautiful witness of love captured in his mother’s statement to the High Court. A kind of love that provides us hope for […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 26, 2017

Human Rights

Representative Wagner’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

Congresswoman Ann Wagner joined a group of interns, Family Research Council (FRC) affiliates, and others to discuss her bill: Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017. She plans to amend section 230 of the CDA (Communications Decency Act) in order to lift barriers that have prevented the court system, federal government, and victims of sex trafficking […]

Jordan Hayley | July 25, 2017


Charlie Gard: new horizons?

    On the 27th of June, the European Court of Human Rights endorsed the UK courts decision in the Charlie Gard case. This judgment allowed UK doctors to withdraw Charlie Gard’s life support despite his parents’ opposition. In the past weeks, his story has reached international ears. Due to international awareness and outrage, Charlie […]

Caterina Milo | July 12, 2017


Planned Parenthood Applauds Abortion in Netflix’s GLOW

Planned Parenthood affirms a storyline in Netflix’s series GLOW in which the protagonist chooses to have an abortion. However, this affirmation unfortunately only acts as a way to promote fallacies related to women’s health and well-being, at the expense of women and children. The show looks at women’s professional wrestling in the 1980’s and is […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 6, 2017


Charlie Gard: The Courts Ruling on his “Quality of Life”

The United Kingdom’s system of healthcare is under the National Health Service (NHS), which is a publicly funded, primarily through taxation, national healthcare system and is overseen by the Department of Health. The system provides healthcare to every legal resident in England, with most services free [1].  The CCGs (clinical commissioning groups) now commission most of the hospital […]

Jordan Hayley | July 6, 2017