CSW Wrap-Up

Today was the last day of the Conference on the Status of Women here at the UN. And looking back, I think a lot of great discussion was had. People are largely united in the values that we hold. Whether you find yourself more to the political left or political right, there are a few […]

Jordan Mabe | March 23, 2019


The Cycle Of Death: Thoughts on Today’s Down Syndrome Event

Today, being World Down Syndrome Day, there was an event at CSW called “Social protection for Women, Girls, and all Those With Down Syndrome (In Commemoration of the International Down Syndrome Awareness Day)”. Obviously, a huge part of the issues facing people with Down Syndrome is the abortion rate in the case of a prenatal […]

Gregory Lobo | March 23, 2019


New Eugenics

Iceland has almost entirely eliminated down syndrome from their population. Is this the work of rapidly advancing medicine finding new ways to treat people with down syndrome? Or perhaps it is genetic research that allows for ways to prevent the development of down syndrome in babies? Nope, it is because Iceland aborts almost 100% of […]

Jordan Mabe | March 22, 2019


Religious Hate Speech: A Creation of Secularists?

On the 3rd day of CSW, I went to an event called “Gendering the Debate on Religious Hate Speech”. I went to that event, sat through it for over an hour, and still don’t know what it means to gender a debate on hate speech, or how one goes about that, which is telling. There […]

Gregory Lobo | March 21, 2019


Interview with Tiffany Espensen

So far at the UN, I have had the privilege of meeting several important people. And one of these people was Tiffany Espensen. Tiffany is a humanitarian activist and actress who has been in several productions, including Netflix shows and Disney and Marvel films. Tiffany was kind enough to sit down with me for a […]

Jordan Mabe | March 21, 2019


I Didn’t Even Cry When I Met Lila Rose: A Recap

On the second day with C-Fam, my true love gave to me… wait, wrong thing. Anyway, for the second day, the most interesting event I went to was called “Protecting Femininity and Human Dignity in Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Policies Today”. There were a bunch of great speakers in that panel, but the best […]

Gregory Lobo | March 21, 2019


Not Alone

I met a lot of powerful people today. I met actors, ambassadors, diplomats and authors. Many of the people who come together to try and change the world for the better. And almost all of these amazing people came from incredibly difficult situations in which they chose to be better. They made the decision to […]

Jordan Mabe | March 20, 2019


Domestic Violence Affects Families Too

My first day at CSW, I went to an event called “Empowering Girls and Women Facing Violence in Family Settings”. It focused on domestic abuse. The way it works at CSW is that it’s a panel discussion and each person in the panel does their presentation, and then there are questions at the end. For […]

Gregory Lobo | March 20, 2019


“Creating a Healthy Environment for Empowering Women”

The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a snake eating its own tail. And as I sat through several sessions and side events at the UN today for CSW, the image of the Ouroboros kept popping into my head. Many of the issues and discussions brought up today were essentially in conflict with each other. […]

Jordan Mabe | March 19, 2019


Power in the Hands of the Few: Final Recap of CSW

Attending the Commission on the Status of Women has been a powerful experience for me. I’ve sat in rooms with delegates, ambassadors, leaders of companies, pioneers and groundbreakers. I’ve listened to testimonies and pleas, accusations and plans of action. The voices of these women spoke passionately, and their messages have resonated deeply. Throughout all of […]

Sarah Jackson | March 18, 2019


An Informed Decision: Recap of CSW Event on Natural Family Planning Awareness

Throughout the Commission on the Status of Women, I have sat through panels on controversial topic after controversial topic. Oftentimes, the mentality during these discussions is my way or the highway. The panelists will take a clear side and insist that any other viewpoint must be false, backward and harmful to women and their rights. […]

Sarah Jackson | March 16, 2019


Why is the Family So Important?

Unpopular Worldview, Important Understanding Through all of the events that I have attending while at the UN, there has been the underlying issue of Comprehensive Sexual Education and “Family Planning.” All of these nations and advocates for women’s rights seem to believe that the root of the gender equality issue is that women need to […]

Amy Sharp | March 16, 2019


Promoting Justice for Sexual Violence Victims

Many controversial topics have been and will continue to be discussed at CSW over the next week and a half. One topic that was brought up in one of the first events I attended is one that must be talked about more. Hosted by Sweden and Ethiopia, the topic of changing social norms and delivering […]

Amy Sharp | March 14, 2019