Pilgrims from the United States at World Youth Day

Catholic Teaching

What I learned at World Youth Day

If ever there was a doubt that the Catholic Church was diverse and vibrant, World Youth Day is strong proof that the Church is young, energetic, and passionate about its universal faith. World Youth Day, which was started by Pope John Paul II as an opportunity to unite young Catholics from around the World, has […]

Natasha Tax | August 28, 2016
abortion hurts women


The sick irony of International Safe Abortion Day

The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion has written an open letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the heads of UN agencies, asking them to recognize September 28 as an official day in the UN calendar. Its significance? International Safe Abortion Day. The International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion […]

Alexandra Liebl | August 26, 2016


Simone Biles y su fe católica.

Durante este verano, mi hermanita de 9 años se convirtió en toda una experta en los Juegos Olímpicos. Cada día sabía qué eventos habría, quién competía por una medalla y las posiciones actuales en el medallero. Se le llenaban los ojos de emoción al ver a sus ídolas de nado sincronizado, clavados y gimnasia pero, […]

Paulina Ornelas | August 26, 2016
FEB 7 1984, FEB 8 1984; Phyllis Schlafly at the State house pressroom;  (Photo By Duane Howell/The Denver Post via Getty Images)


Reflecting on the Life of a Pro-Life Hero: Phyllis Schlafly

During the Republican National Convention in July, Pro-Life Republicans gathered by the hundred to attend the “Life of the Party” gala, hosted by Eagle Forum. At this event, Pro Life Republicans had the opportunity to meet and celebrate this year’s accomplishments as well as the legacy of Phyllis Schlafly. At the banquet, friends and colleagues […]

Natasha Tax | August 25, 2016

Marriage and the Family

Mulher, você merece mais que esse homem

Ontem de manhã meu coração se desolou com uma notícia: o falecimento de uma colega de trabalho que foi morta a tiros quando saía de casa para o trabalho. O principal suspeito é seu ex-marido, que não aceitava o fim do casamento. Essa notícia me entristeceu profundamente. Primeiro, porque era uma pessoa querida. Segundo, pelo […]

Aléxia Duarte | August 24, 2016

Defending the Faith

Marcharán nuevamente en Guadalajara por la familia

La asociación civil “Jalisco es uno por los niños” ha convocado nuevamente a la comunidad tapatía a marchar el próximo 10 de septiembre en favor de la familia, los niños y el matrimonio tradicional. Guadalajara, la ciudad en donde vivo, ha sido una de las locaciones con más actividad en pro de la familia tradicional; […]

André Fernando Alba | August 22, 2016


Disabled? Think Again!

Too often in society a woman expecting a disabled child will be pressured into getting an abortion. Such was the case 21 years ago in Utah when the parents of Eliza McIntosh were told to abort her. Their child would be born with spinal dysgenesis which would cause her to be paralyzed from the waist down. The doctors told […]

Sarah Kepins | August 20, 2016
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Forbes: Pregnancy helps Women Career

  I am not a fan of Forbes, probably because I did not know what they really did. I only knew Forbes for the list of billionaires which they publish yearly. I wasn’t particularly impressed with their focus on wealth and people’s fortune, which I think leads to unnecessary curiosity and inflamed avarice in people. […]

Joshua Nwachukwu | August 19, 2016
Painting by Gabriel Sainz, argentinean painter

Human Rights

Unaccompanied migrant children and their violated rights

According to an article that was published in the New York Times last October, in 2014 there were twenty-three thousand unaccompanied children who applied for asylum in the twenty-three member countries of the European Union. In a different article, however, Jacqueline Bhabha indicates that the children who apply for asylum are only the “lucky ones,” […]

María Zúñiga | August 18, 2016

Same-Sex Marriage

La racionalidad en el debate sobre el matrimonio

Hoy escuchaba un conductor de radio —Luis Cárdenas López, de Noticias MVS— criticando una columna de S.E. el Cardenal Norberto Rivera, primado de México; y explicaba cómo, la postura de la Iglesia Católica sobre los matrimonios homosexuales es perversa, discriminatoria, promotora del odio. El comunicador (evidentemente molesto) señalaba que la Iglesia excluía a los divorciados […]

J. Francisco Macías | August 16, 2016

Marriage and the Family

Aos nossos heróis, uma super missão!

Ontem, nos minutos finais da aula, eu pedi aos meus alunos que fizessem uma atividade para o dia dos pais, comemorado no Brasil no segundo domingo de agosto. Eu já sabia que alguns dos alunos poderiam não morar ou ter contato nenhum com seus pais e já tinha preparado uma atividade paralela para esses casos. […]

Aléxia Duarte | August 14, 2016
iyc youth

Catholic Teaching

The Huffington Post’s take on youth empowerment

Yesterday, August 12, was International Youth Day. Accordingly, Huffington Post chose to use this occasion to synecdochically equate youth to their reproductive organs. They would have us believe that our human dignity lies in accidental features, instead of in the very essence of who we are. They would have us believe that our empowerment lies […]

Alexandra Liebl | August 13, 2016


No More Abortions for Ireland

A new ruling in Ireland has just declared that an unborn child has constitutional rights to life. This means that abortions are no longer allowed and that every baby has the right to be born. Mr. Justice Richard Humphreys, a high court judge, said the following about abortion:   an unborn child, including the unborn child of […]

Sarah Kepins | August 11, 2016