Defending the Faith

Most dangerous activity in México? Journalism

In modern times, journalism is one of the most dangerous jobs. With its handling of information, and its search for truth, journalism has always been a most useful tool for democracies. Nowadays, journalists and reporters not only inform their audience on what is happening around the globe, but they often strive for justice. For this […]

André Fernando Alba | May 17, 2017


Democrats: A One-Issue Party?

Can one be a Democrat and Pro-Life? In the past few weeks, this question has come to light with the campaign of Democrat Heath Mello to become mayor of Omaha. When Senator Bernie Sanders and the DNC voiced their support for Mello, pro-abortion groups quickly slammed such backing. This began a debate across the party […]

Grace Hoffman | May 16, 2017


Dando Pasos por la vida.

El sábado 29 de abril miles de personas de todas partes del país salieron a las calles de la Ciudad de México para ejercer su derecho a la libre expresión y  manifestar pacíficamente la desaprobación del aborto. A 10 años de haberse despenalizado el aborto en la CDMX hasta las 12 semanas de gestación, más […]

Luis Guillermo Flores | May 15, 2017


Capitalizing off of “Unwanted Humans:” Embryo Jewelry

You can now put your “extra” embryos in jewelry and carry them around with you. A new company recently announced that they are making jewelry with human embryos. This sounds like a piece of satire, and I wish that it was. The sad and sick reality is that the Australian company called BabyBee Hummingbirds, which […]

Natasha Tax | May 12, 2017


“Biological-will” or “advance directive”: the fallacy of autonomy.

Should the law allow capable patients to make decisions with regards to refusal of future medical treatments? This is one of the most crucial question that the Italian Parliament is currently trying to answer in its legislative proposal concerning the so called “biological-will” or “advance directives”. In this reflection, I will point out some of […]

Caterina Milo | May 9, 2017

Marriage and the Family

Mostre-me o caminho e eu seguirei os seus passos

Palavras passam. Exemplos marcam. Histórias arrastam. Conheci a Dona Regina, 59 anos, esses dias dentro do ônibus. De família grande, 16 irmãos, casou-se com 13 anos e possui 14 filhos, todos homens, nenhuma menina. A vida de Dona Regina não foi fácil. A vida inteira em uma casinha simples, vivendo e sobrevivendo da criação de […]

Aléxia Duarte | May 9, 2017


El reflejo de nuestro pensar en el entorno.

A lo largo de la historia hemos visto como es que el hombre ha hecho construcciones inmensas, que reflejan sus intereses y aspiraciones. Me enfocaré en especial en la cultura occidental, y como a través de su historia las magníficas obras arquitectónicas nos demuestran en que lugar se sitúan frente al mundo. Es muy común […]

Isis Perez Márquez | May 4, 2017


“Guidance to focus on the Youth’s Sexuality”

On April 21, 2017, Columbia University hosted an event about the implementation of a guidance called “Fulfill: Young People’s Sexual Rights!” The organizers of this event were the Columbia Population Research Center (CPRC) together with International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) who developed the guidance. Panelist included representatives […]

Ruth Rosa | May 3, 2017

Marriage and the Family

An Attack on Morals in Wedding Articles?

Recently I read a short article from a wedding website claiming to reveal the true meaning behind wedding veils and where the practice comes from. Unfortunately, I was disappointed that the article lacked much information or historical reference. Instead, the inherent morals in the article signifies a stark departure from traditional values in favor of […]

Kiersten Lynch | May 2, 2017

Catholic Teaching

Pope Francis’ Easter Homily: A Reminder that Jesus has Risen

This past Easter Sunday, in the company of 80,000 others, I completed my lifelong dream of attending Easter Sunday Mass in Saint Peter’s Square, celebrated by Pope Francis. After braving a seemingly interminable security line, I had finally made it. The mass was more beautiful than I had ever expected; people from all around the […]

Natasha Tax | May 2, 2017