The System Through the Eyes of Experience

In today’s society there is a great understatement of how the criminal justice system works, and what goes on behind the scenes. We live in a generation that relies on social media and the mainstream news to give us all of the facts on what is happening around the globe, and yet that is very […]

Amy Sharp | September 6, 2018


Why College Is Worth It

It is that time of year again where my tiny little Bible College spends a few days on a lake. We study together, eat together, and have fun together. I do not know any other school that spends syllabus week on a lake. But it is times like these when I am reminded of why […]

Jordan Mabe | September 4, 2018

Human Rights

The Rohingya Crisis, a Catastrophe looming for decades

The systematic oppression and persecution of the Rohingya people can be dated back to the 1960’s under Ne Win’s dictatorship. They have even been described by different forum as the forgotten victims, due to the gross human rights violations that they have faced under the Tatmadaw generals, without any real justice being found. The Human […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | September 3, 2018


The Cost of Skipping Class

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” Walter Elias Disney The most valuable thing parents can give to their children is the opportunity for higher learning. Education is a privilege, and it is considered a priority in the United States, but a high school in Oklahoma may be taking things too far. […]

Sarah Jackson | August 31, 2018


Why Does Richard Spencer Passionately Defend Abortion? The Answer Is Obvious If You Pay Attention

Recently, I went to my uncle’s house to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. As typically happens in a family gathering, at least in my family, politics came up. The most recent political story that we were talking about was the “Unite The Right” white supremacist rally. (I’m still trying to figure out exactly how they plan […]

Gregory Lobo | August 25, 2018

Human Rights

An analysis on the role of International law on the progression of Indigenous’ Peoples’ Right to Self-determination in post-colonial Africa to the present

In post-colonial Africa there was a restructuring and refashioning of African Political Institutions. There was a common aspiration amongst the newly independent African states to “modernize” in a bid to join the rest of the world. The process of decolonization was a momentous progress in international law as there was the creation of satisfactory conditions […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | August 24, 2018


Unidos Somos Fortaleza

Han pasado dos meses desde mi última entrada pero la situación actual en mi país me mantuvo ocupada y también fue un buen espacio de reflexión respecto a que podría escribir. El pasado 1 de Julio en México se llevaron a cabo las elecciones más importantes y complejas de los últimos años. La transición política […]

Valdes Rodriguez María José | August 22, 2018


Stop Blaming The U.S.

Pollution is a monster. Many believe that America should be doing more to help prevent the pollution that is slowly killing the planet. This has been brought to more attention than usual due to California’s recent ban on plastic straws [1]. And before that, most were in an uproar over President Trump’s decision to leave […]

Jordan Mabe | August 19, 2018


Advocating and Supporting Those in Blue

  At the age of nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wanted to be a detective that solved crimes and made the world a better place. Now, as a 20-year-old criminal justice student, I have a much clearer idea of what this profession entails, and how I […]

Amy Sharp | August 18, 2018

Human Rights

Can Homelessness End In a Decade?

The problem of homelessness has always existed, but in recent years it has only seemed to grow. Indeed, according to a BBC article, homelessness has steadily risen for the past seven years. However, England has decided to care for the less fortunate and do something about homelessness. The article, published August 12, said England’s government […]

Sarah Jackson | August 15, 2018