Human Rights

“Freedom of speech” in the United Kingdom?

  In the United Kingdom, freedom of speech is under threat. Two crucial events show this clearly: the banning of the Christian Union from Oxford’s fresher’s fair, and the banning of a pro-life vigil outside a Marie Stopes abortion clinic.   At Oxford, Balliol College banned the Christian Union from its fresher’s fair, an event […]

Caterina Milo | October 17, 2017


LeRoy Carhart: “Advanced Gestation Abortion Care”

Anyone who’s been in the pro-life movement long enough is familiar with the most infamous characters in the abortion realm, the foremost of whom are Kermit Gosnell and LeRoy Carhart. Gosnell, of course, was indicted for the murders of three babies who survived their abortion attempts. He’ll remain imprisoned for life without parole due to […]

Brenna Lewis | October 17, 2017

Human Rights

La importancia de alzar la voz por el bien común

Todos los días, sin excepción, somos espectadores de una serie de noticias y participantes de acontecimientos en donde las crisis económicas, las decisiones políticas y los problemas sociales son ya, parte de nuestra cotidianidad y aveces, consecuencia de nuestra agitada vida lo dejamos pasar con gran indiferencia. En nuestras conversaciones habituales solemos quejarnos de temas […]

María José Valdes Rodriguez | October 12, 2017

Catholic Teaching

The Sexual Revolution: A Great Story?

Last night, I attended an event in Dublin, Ireland hosted by the Iona Institute. The speaker was Glynn Harrison who discussed the success of the Sexual Revolution throughout the 1960s to today. Harrison discussed the approach of both the traditionalist Christians and the sexual revolution leaders. He shared his understanding of the sexual revolution and […]

Grace Hoffman | October 12, 2017

Latin America

Juventud: ¿esperanza o decepción?

El Papa Francisco, durante su visita a México en febrero de 2016, se dirigió a los jóvenes con estas palabras: “ustedes son la riqueza de este país, son la esperanza de México” México tiene un bono demográfico a su favor, casi la tercera parte de la población, aproximadamente 37.5 millones de habitantes, son jóvenes de […]

Luis Guillermo Flores | October 9, 2017


What is our Literature Telling Us About Life?

Recently a student began discussing the idea with me that abortion is not healthcare, even though it is unfortunately considered so in society. But instead of letting this statement hang in the air, he elaborated the specific qualities and reasons why abortion was not healthcare. And out of the few reasons he stated— such as […]

Kiersten Lynch | October 2, 2017

Human Rights

A Thought on End-of-Life

“People overlook the beauty of end-of-life.” Recently a friend of mine stopped to talk while I was eating lunch alone in the cafeteria, and brought this situation to my attention. At first, I was confused as to what he meant. We were both active in the pro-life group on our college campus, could we really […]

Kiersten Lynch | September 20, 2017


Witches and Children

It is a simple shirt. Black with white block letters across the chest reading, “REPEAL.” A simple design with a sinister goal behind it. A quick search online led to a website that sells these shirts, and promotes the message that abortion must be legalized across Ireland by repealing the eighth amendment. This site displays […]

Grace Hoffman | September 20, 2017


Women and Bioethics: an ethics of care

Last weekend, I attended a conference held by the Italian Society of Catholic Lawyers. This two-day conference focused on the relationship between women, ethics, and law. A wide number of young lawyers had the chance to enrich their understanding of such topics.   The conference analysed a variety historical, philosophical, legal, and ethical perspectives. In […]

Caterina Milo | September 20, 2017

Marriage and the Family

A un año del histórico despertar por las Familias Mexicanas

  En Mayo del 2016 es la fecha en que; de manera poco afortunada para los intereses políticos de México surgió lo que ahora es el acontecimiento del despertar ciudadano más grande e importante de los últimos años, la lucha por las familias mexicanas. Misma fecha en la que el presidente de la República Enrique […]

María José Valdes Rodriguez | September 15, 2017