How The Greatest Trolling In Sports History Gave Me One Of My Life’s Mottos

The 2013-14 NBA season was probably a pretty forgetful one. I honestly couldn’t tell you if it was or not, because I forget. However, one thing really memorable came out of the 2013-14 NBA season. A visionary named Sam Hinkie took over as the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers. Hinkie’s strategy was to take […]

Gregory Lobo | November 6, 2018



In Kenya, as well as many other African countries, agri-business is a sector that drives the economy.  Additionally, it has been shown that women in the rural areas depend on this as a source of livelihood. For instance in Kenya, 80 percent of farmers are women, of which most are single couple households.[1] Moreover, in […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | October 31, 2018


How to Survive Thanksgiving

October is almost over and Thanksgiving is almost here: a holiday filled with food, fun, and fights. While I do enjoy a good argument, it is important to me (and should be important to everyone) that my family holidays aren’t ruined. It would be a perfect world if everyone could discuss ideas without being personally […]

Jordan Mabe | October 30, 2018



  ‘Women’s concerns in seeking equality in the various aspects of public life, especially in governance, is one that is constantly under discussion, and would continue to be so until the desired results are attained.’[1]Women constitute a majority of the world’s population; yet only 22 % are in Parliament. Only in a few countries has […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | October 29, 2018


Netflix ideologizado hasta las entrañas

Había preferido mantener cierta distancia al contenido de las series populares de Netflix pero es casi imposible no hacerlo por la cantidad de información y publicidad que se le dan en redes sociales.  Hablaré de dos series en concreto: La casa de las Flores y Elite, ambas empapadas de ideología de género. Me atrevo a […]

Valdes Rodriguez María José | October 26, 2018


The Bill of Rights- Part 2

The first five amendments of the Bill of Rights can be considered the more “general” rights that are granted to any American citizen. Those rights are always in effect except in the case of incarceration. The latter five amendments grant rights to those accused of a crime. (is this what you meant?)   Everyone has […]

Amy Sharp | October 25, 2018

Human Rights

Moral Leadership and the Age of Trump

The way a person leads affects the morality and actions of his or her followers, both intentionally and unintentionally. On a flight to Albuquerque Sunday, October 21, a man named Bruce Alexander was arrested because he allegedly touched a woman’s breasts on the flight. According to ABC News, Alexander defended himself with the phrase, “the […]

Sarah Jackson | October 25, 2018


Teenagers and Trick-or-treating: When Is It Time to Grow Up?

Wearing silly costumes. Racing to the doorbell. Picking out the tastiest candy. Trick-or-treat is a necessary part of Halloween for children. Roaming the streets at night with friends, arguing about who has the best costume, and comparing treats with one another is an innocent way for kids to spend an evening out. But a few […]

Sarah Jackson | October 18, 2018


Christ or State?

How does a Christian fit into a political system?   This must be a question I have asked myself a thousand times over. I used to consider myself pretty apolitical. I honestly tried my best to ignore politics and not care. But then one day, something funny happened:   I learned morals.   I remember […]

Jordan Mabe | October 17, 2018


The Bill of Rights Explained Part: 1

  It is hard with the grand disagreement between liberals and conservatives to see the neutralism and grand benefits of the American government and justice system. In 1607, when America was colonized, those that left their homes needed true freedom. Many mistake the definition of freedom with “the right to do anything you want” while […]

Amy Sharp | October 17, 2018