Human Rights

People are Dying While You Promote Your Agenda: A Plea to Address True Need

Two things have shocked me recently at the United Nations (UN): the stark reality of urgent need around the world, and the absolute determination of interest groups to push their agenda no matter the cost or context. How is climate change related to gender equality, or menstrual health to a sustainable environment? You would be […]

Abigail Long | July 24, 2018

One-Child Policy

UNMGCY jokes about Population Control and calls for One Child Policy

Eric Assoudrin of World Watch called for a more daring approach to promote One Child Policy in order to promote sustainable development. Cheered on by the moderator at a session, which took place at UN, he called for ‘political will’ to push one-child policy. In a side event organized by the UN Major Group for […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | July 24, 2018


Straw Bans Fail To Consider People Of All Abilities

Recently, everyone’s favorite “woke” left-wing coffee chain announced that they plan to eliminate plastic straws by 2020. Starbucks rolled out a design for strawless lids in some stores in 2016, but they plan to make them the norm in all locations in 2020. This follows an effort from towns and cities, including Starbucks’ home city […]

Gregory Lobo | July 23, 2018

Human Rights

Hey feminists, LISTEN UP!

If it isn’t bad enough that we have feminists shrieking about tax on tampons while they wear pink female genitalia hats, now we have extreme feminists in the United Nations infecting the world with their ridiculous ideologies. This years High Level Political Forum at the UN was host to an event about the equality of […]

Abigail Hoisington | July 23, 2018

Marriage and the Family

“Big Eyes” Biographical Drama Sheds Light on Feminism

It can be hard to decipher the true aims of feminist movements these days. While some seem heroically focused on recognizing and valuing the beauty and assets that women impart onto the world, others seem like no more than schemes aimed against women. These movements manifest subtly in “women’s rights” movements that defend abortions, a […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 20, 2018



As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Humane Vitae even after all this time, the controversy around the document seems to have remained unsettled. Even a simple mention of the topic is enough to cause a brawl among Catholics and non-Catholics alike. The document is considered by some as an imposition of Church’s tyranny, ruling […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | July 20, 2018



“I cannot believe that salvation is based on the thermometer [a necessary tool of the rhythm method], or that damnation is based on rubber.” said Dr.Andre Hellegers, a French member in the Papal Commission for the Study of Problems relating to Population, Family and Birth in commenting about Humane Vitae in 1968. Not even a […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | July 16, 2018

Human Rights

Digital Misogyny: Gender abuse on Female Human Rights Defenders and Activists.

Gender abuse is a conversation that we have been having for the longest time possible and this often culminates into gender based violence. Gender violence, although the focus is mostly on violence directed towards women, can also be directed towards men, and it is expressed in three recognised ways. These are domestic, community and institutional. […]

Maria-Louisa Wang’ondu | July 13, 2018

Human Rights

World Population Day 2018 – Poor people do not have rights to a family

As I approached United Headquarters at NYC a woman approached me and handed over a brochure. She said “could you please sign a petition asking UN Secretary General to promote small family norm especially for the poor?” That was it. She picked the wrong person. While I was running late in my schedule for the […]

Carmel Nisha Pius Franco | July 13, 2018


When did valuing family become a ridiculous joke?

In a High-Level Political Forum event in the UN this week on renewable energy, there was an alarming comment made. It occurred when the topic of clean cooking fuels for women came up. One of the forum discussants, Joan Carling of TEBTEBBA (Indigenous Peoples Major Group), was commenting on this issue. Carling said that we […]

Abigail Hoisington | July 12, 2018