An Informed Decision: Recap of CSW Event on Natural Family Planning Awareness

Throughout the Commission on the Status of Women, I have sat through panels on controversial topic after controversial topic. Oftentimes, the mentality during these discussions is my way or the highway. The panelists will take a clear side and insist that any other viewpoint must be false, backward and harmful to women and their rights. […]

Sarah Jackson | March 16, 2019


Why is the Family So Important?

Unpopular Worldview, Important Understanding Through all of the events that I have attending while at the UN, there has been the underlying issue of Comprehensive Sexual Education and “Family Planning.” All of these nations and advocates for women’s rights seem to believe that the root of the gender equality issue is that women need to […]

Amy Sharp | March 16, 2019


Promoting Justice for Sexual Violence Victims

Many controversial topics have been and will continue to be discussed at CSW over the next week and a half. One topic that was brought up in one of the first events I attended is one that must be talked about more. Hosted by Sweden and Ethiopia, the topic of changing social norms and delivering […]

Amy Sharp | March 14, 2019


The Legality of Life: Recap of CSW Event on the Right to Abortion

The topic most constantly addressed throughout the Commission on the Status of Women is that of abortion. Abortion rights, sexual and reproductive health, the right of a woman to control her own body—the list goes on. Abortion is hotly debated, with impassioned people adamantly on both sides of this issue. Many pro-choice ambassadors are attempting […]

Sarah Jackson | March 14, 2019


Following by Example and Paving the Way for Single Parents.

The second day of the Commission on the Status of Women Conference was full of knowledge, empowerment, and initiative from women all over the globe to implement policy. I attended events today hosted by the Population Council on the importance of evidence and data in providing women and girls emergency assistance and Lawyers Without Boarders […]

Amy Sharp | March 13, 2019


Defending the Defenders: Recap of CSW Event on Women Human Rights Defenders

For the next two weeks, the 63rd Commission on the Status of Women will take place in New York City. People who work with the United Nations gather from all over the world to dialogue about women-related issues such as abortion, human trafficking, sexual and reproductive education, domestic violence and sexism in the workplace. As […]

Sarah Jackson | March 13, 2019


Speak No Evil: Recap of CSW Event on Human Trafficking

For the next two weeks, the United Nations is holding a conference in New York City called the Commission on the Status of Women. People from companies all over the world that work with the UN gather for a two-week conference on issues related to women, such as abortion, human trafficking, sexual and reproductive education, […]

Sarah Jackson | March 12, 2019


Empowering and Supporting Mothers: CSW63 Conference Week 1

March 11th, 2019 was the first day of the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women Conference held by the United Nations in New York City. The purpose of this is to discuss policy and legislation that will provide rights and empowerment to women across the globe. I have had the privilege […]

Amy Sharp | March 12, 2019



I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I saw from LifeNews that House Republicans are still trying to get the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act signed into law. They keep on trying to have a vote on the act vote, but Democrats have blocked it from even being voted on for the 13th time, […]

Gregory Lobo | March 11, 2019


Declining Birth Rates Among Hispanic-Americans

In 2018, the United States population increased by a mere 0.62 percent, the least it’s grown in 80 years. Typically, birth rates have fluctuated with the economy, but despite recent economic growth, the downwards child-bearing trend continues. The birth rate decline among hispanic women has been particularly drastic, dropping by 31 percent from 2007 to […]

Paloma Castillo | March 8, 2019