Human Rights

Career? Family? Women CAN have it all?

One of the biggest debates for women today is balancing a career and having a family. For many young women in their 20s and 30s, the struggle of striving to attain the career they aspire and their desire for a family seems impossible. As a young woman myself, in my later portion of my 20s, […]

Marishia Allie | June 17, 2019

Religious Freedom

Old Glory

June 14th is Flag Day. When Americans are supposed to have a solemn reverence for the colors of our nation. In a day where some people resort to burning or stomping on Old Glory for the sake of protest, I think the story of the flag and what it means is more important than ever. […]

Jordan Mabe | June 14, 2019

United Nations

Discovering the Disfunction: My First Experience at a UN Meeting

Last week I had the privilege of attending my first official Executive Board Meeting at the United Nations. I was excited to witness real discussion between the leaders of the world on how to solve our biggest problems. The meeting was led by the United Nations Development Programme and was scheduled to discuss how to […]

Benedict Kinnison | June 13, 2019


Choices About Life

It is not hard to scroll on the internet and hear about the pro-choice and pro-life dispute going on. The controversy is between the woman having a right over her own body or if a fetus in the womb is considered a human and should have the right to life. The truth is that every […]

Amy Sharp | June 6, 2019


Abortion and Disabilities: The Advocacy Paradox

Respect for life is fundamental to combating the objectification of human beings. Across the world, governments are introducing new policies that support the abortion of disabled children. These policies allow for a genocide of society’s most marginalized citizens to be tolerated. Unfortunately, many disability rights groups are supporting abortion expanding policies. In doing so, they […]

Benedict Kinnison | June 5, 2019

Human Rights

HIV Crisis in Pakistan

When hearing the words HIV many thoughts may come to one’s mind, however, when hearing the words Pakistan and HIV in the same sentence, it may raise some eyebrows. On May 30th, CNN posted an article regarding an HIV crisis in Pakistan, where almost 700 people have been infected with HIV.[1] There has been speculation […]

Marishia Allie | June 5, 2019


Coffeeshops Changing Culture

Coffeeshops seem to be the place where people find community nowadays. It can be as simple as stopping in to grab a cup to go or settling in for a few hours’ work. Coffeeshops are places where people can meet and bond in a low-stakes environment while enjoying their favorite drink. Recently, several groups decided […]

Sarah Jackson | June 1, 2019


I Got The Flu in a Hostel

I am currently in Lima, Peru. And, as I knew was inevitable when I first travelled to another country, I have been incredibly sick the past week or so. We decided we would travel to Huarez, a smaller town that is about 10 hours north of Lima into the mountains for a few days. High […]

Jordan Mabe | May 31, 2019


One Thing Makes the Next Thing Happen

In October, I inquired about an opportunity in which I would be able to earn the required Volunteer/Service hours to graduate while gaining real-world work experience. I had to seriously debate with myself if I even had the time to commit to something, I knew very little about. All I knew was that this was […]

Amy Sharp | May 25, 2019


The Division of Election Season

If the 2016 United States Presidential Election taught me anything, it’s that a perfect answer is hard to find. As a newly inducted voter living on a politically charged college campus, I felt the polarization of the election firsthand. The election was a constant topic of conversation, and the spike in aggression that occurred when […]

Sarah Jackson | May 23, 2019