I Have Never Been More Ashamed of My State: An Explanation

We knew this was coming, but it just happened today. Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill and assisted suicide is now legal in New Jersey. The legislation passed by a thin majority a few weeks ago, and Murphy had already said he would sign it, and now it’s official. New Jersey becomes the 8th state […]

Gregory Lobo | April 24, 2019


OPINION: On Religious Persecution and Tolerance

This Easter has been a bittersweet one. The all-night vigil I participated in at my parish was powerful – through the words, songs, and testimonies given, I truly saw Christ as victorious over death. There was a collective joy – a shared gratitude – at having experienced light in darkness, meaning in our own individual […]

Paloma Castillo | April 22, 2019


Africa: Youthful Population and Natural Resources in Abundance

Sub-Saharan Africa today faces an unprecedented opportunity. Half of the population is under 25 years of age. Each year between 2015 and 2035, there will be half a million more 15-year-olds than the year before. In as much as this is an opportunity, it also comes with responsibility on the part of governments in ensuring […]

Archlove Takunda Tanyanyiwa | April 22, 2019


Brunei’s New Penal Code and the Misunderstanding of Homosexuality

Last week, social media and news outlets exploded with outrage over Brunei’s Syariah (Sharia) Penal Code Order (SPCO). Under the authority of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, this code was first introduced in October of 2013, but was not fully implemented until this April 3rd. Among other provisions, the code deems gay sex and adultery punishable by […]

Paloma Castillo | April 11, 2019


CSW Wrap-Up

Today was the last day of the Conference on the Status of Women here at the UN. And looking back, I think a lot of great discussion was had. People are largely united in the values that we hold. Whether you find yourself more to the political left or political right, there are a few […]

Jordan Mabe | March 23, 2019


The Cycle Of Death: Thoughts on Today’s Down Syndrome Event

Today, being World Down Syndrome Day, there was an event at CSW called “Social protection for Women, Girls, and all Those With Down Syndrome (In Commemoration of the International Down Syndrome Awareness Day)”. Obviously, a huge part of the issues facing people with Down Syndrome is the abortion rate in the case of a prenatal […]

Gregory Lobo | March 23, 2019


New Eugenics

Iceland has almost entirely eliminated down syndrome from their population. Is this the work of rapidly advancing medicine finding new ways to treat people with down syndrome? Or perhaps it is genetic research that allows for ways to prevent the development of down syndrome in babies? Nope, it is because Iceland aborts almost 100% of […]

Jordan Mabe | March 22, 2019


Religious Hate Speech: A Creation of Secularists?

On the 3rd day of CSW, I went to an event called “Gendering the Debate on Religious Hate Speech”. I went to that event, sat through it for over an hour, and still don’t know what it means to gender a debate on hate speech, or how one goes about that, which is telling. There […]

Gregory Lobo | March 21, 2019


Interview with Tiffany Espensen

So far at the UN, I have had the privilege of meeting several important people. And one of these people was Tiffany Espensen. Tiffany is a humanitarian activist and actress who has been in several productions, including Netflix shows and Disney and Marvel films. Tiffany was kind enough to sit down with me for a […]

Jordan Mabe | March 21, 2019


I Didn’t Even Cry When I Met Lila Rose: A Recap

On the second day with C-Fam, my true love gave to me… wait, wrong thing. Anyway, for the second day, the most interesting event I went to was called “Protecting Femininity and Human Dignity in Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Policies Today”. There were a bunch of great speakers in that panel, but the best […]

Gregory Lobo | March 21, 2019