ISIS: Transformed, Not Defeated

In recent months, there have been great victories against ISIS in the Middle East – the most notable being that the Islamic State has officially lost all its territory in Syria and Iraq. However, the fact that the recent Sri Lankan Easter bombings have been claimed by a local group – the National Thowheeth Jama’ath […]

Paloma Castillo | May 2, 2019


Bridge-Building with Braille LEGOS

For blind and vision-impaired children, learning Braille can be a difficult task, since fewer teachers are qualified to teach Braille and many schools do not offer Braille as an option for blind students, according to the National Federation of the Blind. The NFB reports that though there are 1.3 million legally blind people in the […]

Sarah Jackson | May 2, 2019


Incoherently Pro-Choice (Part 1)

An article recently popped up on my Facebook feed that caused me to reexamine my own biases. Someone who goes to the same school I attend posted an article titled “You Can Be Pro-Choice Politically And Be A Pro-Life Advocate In Your Community”. While in theory I was aware that people who are religious are […]

Jordan Mabe | May 1, 2019


The Tyreek Hill Situation Shows That Stan Lee Was Right About The Guardian Project

One of the most interesting things about the history of the NHL is the Guardian Project, when the late comic book legend Stan Lee partnered with the NHL to create a superhero based on each team. A lot of people didn’t like the Guardian Project, but I did. The thing that makes the Guardian project […]

Gregory Lobo | May 1, 2019


How can we bring Menstrual health rights issues higher up the agenda without leaving out other human rights?

The recent years has seen a wave of support for the promotion of gender equality and the protection of women and girls rising gain momentum. The birth of SDGs has further provided a multi sectoral approach to the global development agenda, with governments, civil society and private sector eager to play a role in the […]

Archlove Takunda Tanyanyiwa | April 30, 2019


The Heartbeat Bill and Families in Need

The United States is taking a serious look at abortion, but this does not mean pro-life advocates can give a sigh of relief and step aside. According to the BBC, almost 30 states have begun to add some kind of abortion restriction to their legislature, with 15 of those states using the term “heartbeat bill” […]

Sarah Jackson | April 28, 2019

Population Control

Compensation for Japan’s Forced Sterilization: Too Little, Too Late

Japan’s Parliament has agreed to provide compensation – about $28,600 per victim – to those that were forcibly sterilized under the country’s 1948 Eugenics Protection Law (EPL). Under the EPL, which was in effect from 1948 until 1996, 25,000 people were sterilized, and over 16,000 of them were performed without consent (Rich & Inoue, NYT). […]

Paloma Castillo | April 28, 2019

Catholic Teaching

United in Christ

Every year for Easter, my school sends a group of students to Washington, D.C. for an Easter sunrise service at the Lincoln Memorial. Every year we leave late Saturday night, arrive at the Memorial and stay up all night setting up chairs and equipment for the service at 6:30. Its absolutely exhausting but also one […]

Jordan Mabe | April 25, 2019


I Have Never Been More Ashamed of My State: An Explanation

We knew this was coming, but it just happened today. Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill and assisted suicide is now legal in New Jersey. The legislation passed by a thin majority a few weeks ago, and Murphy had already said he would sign it, and now it’s official. New Jersey becomes the 8th state […]

Gregory Lobo | April 24, 2019


OPINION: On Religious Persecution and Tolerance

This Easter has been a bittersweet one. The all-night vigil I participated in at my parish was powerful – through the words, songs, and testimonies given, I truly saw Christ as victorious over death. There was a collective joy – a shared gratitude – at having experienced light in darkness, meaning in our own individual […]

Paloma Castillo | April 22, 2019