Today is Election Day in the United States. What does it mean to be an American today? What does it mean to be  a Catholic today? In it’s document, “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizens”, the UCSSB recognizes the political challenges that face our citizens. We immersed in a society struggling with poverty, immigration, sexual ethics and religious freedom. As a culture built on families, we have much at stake in this election. But let us not forget, that not only will American citizens be affected by this Presidential election, but also the billions of world citizens affected by American policy each year. The United States’ influence in the United Nations is crucial. This influence is propelled by the ideology and policies of the White House. Today, we must choose the candidate who will not only uphold the dignity of both American citizens and our brothers and citizens around the world. Who we place in the White House will determine the direction of the United States’ input into the world agenda for the next four years. These years are crucial.: the AID/ HIV epidemic is no where do being solved or pacified, abortion is being promoted at a rapid pace and religious freedom is threatened from all sides.

I realize that the economic state of our country is the main issue on a lot of people’s minds during the election today. But I beg you to also look to each candidates foreign policy. As Americans, we will set the standards for how these issues of same-sex marriage, abortion and contraception will be handles throughout the world. If they are handled in the incorrect way, the effect could be devestating.

Vote, but vote wisely with the knowledge that not only is your own dignity and the dignity of fellow Americans on the line, but also the dignity of millions around the world.