Over the past year, we have heard various theories about the origins of the coronavirus.

The Rumours

Information varied from the virus arising as a result of human contact with bats in a strange Chinese market to reports that it was leaked from a lab in Wuhan, China.

We also had the theories that said the virus was actually engineered and released intentionally for various reasons which include reducing the world population, ensuring the economic growth of some countries slowed down, among others.

The quite popular one was that the virus was a prelude to some global satanic cabal overthrowing the world system and increasing surveillance on us all through lockdowns, travel restrictions and eventually giving us all the mark of the beast when injecting the vaccine into us (more on this in the second part of this article).

Well, there is already a great deal of suspicion against the information we get from the mainstream news media outlets so whatever they say right now is not going to be taken seriously by many. However, it is always important to separate facts from fiction and let people know the truth about things happening around them.

As Things Are

There is much that the scientific society is certain of about the virus but there are still certain gaps in the knowledge of the virus. After all, there is a reason it is called a novel virus. It is new to most in the scientific community, and we are still dealing with not just discoveries about the virus itself and how it transmits itself through various media but this is also complicated by the virus’ seemingly unending ability to mutate and improve on its ability to transmit itself but also how effective it is at causing hospitalisations and fatalities.

Every month, we hear new things about the virus and what we can do to protect ourselves from it. The vaccines that have been released are now being tested against the new and improved mutations of the virus and this appears to be a flipflop on the part of the scientific community which is fueling theories that science is in cahoots with the powers that be to confuse the people into submission and acceptance.

One of the things I admire about science is its openness and willingness to explain what it knows and its ability to admit gaps in its knowledge. Saying “I am not sure of that yet” or “I have limited or no information about this for now” is never a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign of honesty which must be celebrated.

However, due to us being used to the absoluteness of scientific information, we are suddenly surprised that science has not figured out this virus while we keep forgetting it is an entirely new virus.

The Proposed Preventive Measures

Practice social distancing, stay at home (lockdowns), wear a nose mask, wash your hands and do not touch your face.

These for now are the preventive measures being proposed for an airborne disease. There has been skepticism towards the usefulness and efficiency of each of these measures.

The most widely attacked of them all appear to be the government backed lockdowns and the legalization and enforcement of the use of nose masks in public spaces.

What these two measures have in common is that they have government backing. We should not forget that trust in government has waned badly. This has been a global phenomenon for quite some time now.

Social Media pervading our lives and being the primary source of information – albeit rarely regulated or censored – has compounded this issue. Everyone with an opinion and an internet connected device gets to freely express their view.

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, we have seen how conspiracy theories can easily spread and make an already fragile trust in science and government crumble.

On the nose masks, they are but a preventive measure. They do not guarantee total protection from the virus. They are an element of the comprehensive protection package. Use them properly, wash your hands, use a face shield and follow social distancing protocols.

We might wonder why we can not just do one of these and forget about the rest. Well, rarely do protection packages come as a single unit. We always have them in various layers acting together to provide a comprehensive guard against what they are meant to protect against.

For cars, we have seatbelts, airbags, bumpers, collision warning systems and various crash tests on all road cars to ensure that the driver and passengers are safe in the case of an auto accident. The airbag alone does not do the job nor do seat-belts. They all work together to protect people.

This is the same way nose masks alone will not protect anyone. They need to be used properly with other preventive measures.

Lockdowns, Mental Health and the Economy

A lot has been experienced, said and written about the effects of lockdowns on people’s livelihood and their mental health. As a society, we are used to mobility. Our entire existence and economies are centered around our ability to move from place to place.

Now, due to the virus, we are unable to move as freely as we would prefer and this has created a terrible cascading effect on our state of minds and our means of survival. We can only hope that the vaccines really put this virus to bed so we can have our lives back.

In the second part, we will look at the conspiracies surrounding vaccines and if they should be taken seriously.