Marine is a 26 years old girl that lives in Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Her touching testimony begins in 2014, when at the age of 21, Marine moved in with her boyfriend named Andry.

They had been together for three years ago butwere not married yet. At that time, she became accidentally pregnant. The situation was complicated because Marine and Andry were not married and their relationship was not approved by Marine’s family. At the same time, Marine was about to get her Bachelor’s degree in Sciences. During the first three weeks of pregnancy, Andry told Marine to abort the baby. Confused and ashamed of the situation, Marine agreed with her boyfriend to have an abortion so that they could make order in their lives. Then, they started to look for money to pay for the abortion. Marine asked some close friends and colleagues for money, but they did not support her decision to have an abortion, and would not give her the money.

Time passed and Marine’s pregnancy became more obvious to everyone, therefore, it was too late for her to have the abortion operation. At the same time, she was trying to finish her end-of-study dissertation each day and night. Together with her boyfriend, they finally decided to keep the child. Marine was six-months pregnant when she gave her end-of-study presentation. Two months later, a little wonderful girl was born.

Her name is Sofia.

In one of EmpowerMen Madagascar’s activities, an organization that defends life in Madagascar, we met Marine, who shared her story. She entrusted us with her powerful story, a story that is a common situation young girls around the world are facing every day.

-“I saw my daughter Sofia growing from a little baby to a beautiful young lady that gives me a smile every night when I feel overwhelmed of my daily routines. It was surely a difficult period in my lifetime, but I lived life. Having a baby reminds you that you are alive. When I think of the error that I might have done 5 years ago, I would have missed this current life full of life”, Marine said.

Having a child is a precious gift here on earth. Some couples are doing their strongest efforts to get a baby, to spread life. As long as we live, we ought to promote and spread life, no matter the seeming difficulties of the present moment. Fighting for life is deciding to live.

*This is a true story, but the names have been changed for privacy.