The word “Gender” has become a hot topic more so now than ever before. stated that gender binary is “a classification system consisting of two genders, male and female, a concept or belief that there are only two genders and that one’s biological or birth gender will align with traditional social constructs of masculine and feminine identity, expression, and sexuality.”[1] Now to most this makes sense but to the LGBQTI+ community this is outrageous.


On July 15th I attended the UN Women meeting for gender diversity beyond binaries and I, was in for a rude awakening. Three of the six panelist were transgender males who “transitioned” into “females” and I might add that majority of the audience as well as the representatives were on board with the statements being made. As disheartening as this was it was a serious awakening for me, to hear these men making statements as a “woman.” They spoke about how they wanted to be treated equal and how we need to be more like them and be more open minded. Out of all the meetings I have attended thus far, this was the one that had me raging about these immoral claims of gender, womanhood, and religion.


The three men were basically saying that they are women and they wanted their rights and made a huge deal about it and the whole bandwagon was behind them cheering them on. Let me make this clear, it does not matter how many operations you get to change your sexual orientation, changing your name, you can try to walk, talk, look and do everything a woman does but they will NEVER be a woman! Women have enough to fight for, equal pay, equal rights, the right to carry a life into this world and the list goes on. Men can support women but a man transitioning to a woman will NEVER experience anything a woman goes through. They will NEVER carry a child into this world, they will never get a menstrual cycle, they will never experience menopause, they will never give birth, they will NEVER be a woman period! The fact that so many women are embracing this is outrageous. This was not nor is it God’s design for us and sadly it is only getting worse. God’s design was for men to be men and women to be women, He created us that way and we have no authority to change what God has designed.


Another comment from one of the speakers named Katlego Kai Kolany Ane-Kesupile who was said to be a religion fellow and activist, stated the famous scripture from the Bible of “hate the sin, love the sinner”, and stated that religious people need to stop saying that because they think something is wrong with the LGBQTI+ community. They think that something is wrong with Christians and that is why their kids come out and say they are gay or something along those lines. To a degree he knew that his lifestyle choice was sinful, if he did not think that then why would he make a statement as such.


A member in the audience made a statement saying that they need more transgender and LGBQTI+ theologians because you can be a religious or spiritual person and be LGBQTI+. This was the tipping point that showed me how far we are from God’s original design. I was angry and indignant that they tried to twist God’s Holy Word to make it suitable to their choice of lifestyle.


This epidemic is only getting worse and if you are not for this type of lifestyle than you are committing a hate crime against people expressing their “true” self. As a woman who is a Christian, this puts me in a hard place, but I stand on the truth, love me or hate me I will not denounce what I believe, nor will I stop fighting for the injustice of real women.


Call to action, given the current outpouring of the LGBQTI+ movement, Christians need to continue to pray for these people because the enemy is rapidly at work and they are taking God’s word out of context. God’s design and word will NEVER turn void therefore we need to continue to show love to this community but also be on the forefront of prayer that God turns them around.


[1] “Gender Binary.” Accessed July 16, 2019.