We often hear about discrimination in various forms whether it be racism, sexism or simply downright degradation. We like to think we have made progress with the civil rights movement, fairer wages and more multicultural society but the truth is, we still have a long way to go. A lot of the changes we see appear to be on a superficial level.

I believe it is because we have not gotten to the root cause of the problem. Seeing each individual as a child of God deserving of the greatest dignity. When we fail at that task, a myriad of problems will represent themselves. This is why you see the rising of things such as the eugenics movement in the early 20th century, concentration camps during world war II and now the increased legalization of large scale abortions and assisted suicide programs.

If we wish to change, we must change the mindset of the culture around us. Racism by anyone is not ok; usually we now observe a sort of “reverse” racism where the “victims” of past racist attitudes are now retaliating, claiming that they have a right to exact revenge. This sort of thinking leads nowhere because a vicious cycle which never ends.

Disparaging the life of those with disabilities is also not ok. WE run in to serious issues when we value certain above others based on aesthetic value or productivity. It makes a large demographic of people disposable if they somehow do not  meet this socially constructed expectation

Treating one gender as better than another is also not ok. This does not stop at equal employment opportunity, fair wages and education but continues to a deeper level. How are people being treated with dignity when there are large scale productions of pornography, sex trafficking and slavery?

WE must try and take as active of a stance as possible; these issues are easy to ignore, you can close your eyes and pretend they aren’t there without much effort but that does not change anything or help anyone. God will hold us all accountable at the end of our lives based on the effort we tried to make.