HIV Crisis in Pakistan

| June 5, 2019
When hearing the words HIV many thoughts may come to one’s mind, however, when hearing the words Pakistan and HIV in the same sentence, it may raise some eyebrows. On May 30th, CNN posted an article regarding an HIV crisis in Pakistan, where almost 700 people have been infected with HIV.[1] There has been speculation that doctors were reusing needles which resulted in so many contracting HIV. Pakistan is a Muslim country which makes one think how in the world would so many people contract HIV? HIV has no one face, it affects all races and genders. The United Nations has an initiative called the 2030 to end AIDS/ HIV by the year 2030. In theory it sounds great but there is still no permanent cure for the virus. Granted, those who have health care can afford medication to fight the virus or it gives them a little more time, as opposed to those who are infected by the virus who cannot afford health insurance and are not able to receive the medication. Through this 2030 initiative the UN has set the goal to end HIV by the year 2030, and many countries have come on board with the initiative. There have been great efforts in reducing the virus but still medication is only suppressing what is there and not curing the root of the issue. As good as it sounds there is a significant amount of money put towards this initiative and it makes one wonder why is there not a cure for this especially with the technology we have today.
As times have changed so has the focus on the American people, if someone contracts the virus, they have medicine to help them but across the globe where numbers are increasing, they have no means of receiving such medical care. Young girls ages 15-24 are the most susceptible to contract HIV, especially with the rise of sex trafficking. There is significant funding for the 2030 AIDS/HIV initiative but there is still more to be done in formulating a cure for this virus and giving more aid to the underdeveloped countries. The initiative is for all countries in which this horrible virus can wipe anyone out who does not have the means to receive proper medication. Pakistan is in need of help in combating this virus, what would you do to help fight back HIV?

[1] Hollingsworth, Julia. “The City Where Almost 700 People Have Been Infected with HIV.” CNN. May 30, 2019. Accessed June 03, 2019.