I Didn’t Even Cry When I Met Lila Rose: A Recap

| March 21, 2019

On the second day with C-Fam, my true love gave to me… wait, wrong thing. Anyway, for the second day, the most interesting event I went to was called “Protecting Femininity and Human Dignity in Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Policies Today”. There were a bunch of great speakers in that panel, but the best part was definitely when Lila Rose brought up sex-selective abortion. How can that be empowering? In some cultures, it is seen as better to have a boy, so they’ll kill girls. Far from being empowering, these are symbols of, and caused by, patriarchal societies that see maleness as superior. It’s a bit of a different thing, but it’s my special interest within the pro-life movement, but I actually see a lot of similarities between the sex-selective abortion and the disability-selective abortion I write about a lot. For one, they’re both largely about women being told by others, often men, what to do. My own story is testimony to that. The statistics I heard Lila Rose give are testimony to that. This is a major clue about the truth when it comes to abortion. The involvement of men in the decision to have an abortion is, to be quite frank, the exact opposite of what pro-choice people claim, which is that abortion is solely the woman’s decision. Another panelist, Sue Ellen Browder, talked about how the abortion movement was largely the doing of two men, Larry Lader and Bernard Nathanson. Lader and Nathanson (who later became one of my pro-life heroes) essentially bullied the feminist movement into adding abortion support into its platform. That is not feminist. The abortion movement was of, by, and for men, and no amount of wordplay from modern “feminists” can change that.