How do I find my vocation in life?


Have you always found yourself asking: Am I good at this or that? Is this what I am called to do? Well, these 5 “never be afraid of” messages are for you!


  1. Never be afraid of exploring!

To discover your own life-vocation is a unique journey that could last years. This is why I urge you not to be afraid of exploring different opportunities. Whether you are seeking a job or discovering your calling in life to be married, single or religious, you will never know if you don’t allow yourself the chance to explore. Be courageous!


  1. Never be afraid of changing your mind!

Yes, it might happen that after a first exploration you come to a different conclusion. You were considering working as a lawyer and then you discover that this job does not suits you. Well, do not be afraid of changing perspective. Only those who try can actually have the opportunity to change direction and…start again!


  1. Never be afraid of embracing the challenge!

Whether you feel there’s a small fire burning in your heart or not, never be afraid of embracing the challenge. In other words, never be afraid of embracing all the difficulties that this vocation might entail.  Be trustful!


  1. Never be afraid of asking for help!

You should never think that you are the only one in the world facing a difficult decision. Always be humble enough to ask for help. Ring a friend or whoever you think might be the right person to ask. Sharing your difficulties and asking for advice are crucial steps to move forward in life.


5.Never be afraid of believing in yourself!

Ultimately, never be afraid of believing in your uniqueness. You were created for a purpose that ONLY YOU can realize in this world.  Don’t stop believing in it!