I am here,

Able to smear and hear,

With eyes yet not a seer,

Alive and with lots of flair,

Sunshine on my hair,

Moonlight in the rear,

To be clear,

Because I was not.



Do you see her?

The one in leather,

Holding a tether,

Scolding the lazy brother,

For being a bother,

Will she bear another?

She was not.



Look at him,

Sleeping without a whim,

Almost in a dream,

Rather than trim,

And fill earth to brim,

For he was not.



They are marching,

Voices raising,

Bent on hating,

What they are enjoying,

Yet they were not.



God’s blessing withheld,

An innocent saved,

Bred, fed and hopefully loved,

And not.



Now Enjoying life,

Breeze of fresh air,

Because it was not.



We are all here,

Because we were not.