It is February now, and many New Years Resolutions start to drift away! But that doesn’t mean they are unimportant. Perhaps, we just need a little reminder:

“Happy New Year” voices scream. From faith bearers to street mongers to artisans who spend their nights on the kiosks of market women to able-bodied men tending the delirious desires of politicians to job seekers and business owners. 

Undoubtedly, a New Year ushers the joy of a new beginning. The school children will launch the phrase “New Year; New System”. Hence, the depth of the words floods the street with hope and newness ringing in the hearts of men. The knockouts and fireworks rush the sky as children eat their first meal of the year. It’s always a time of gratitude, morality, modesty, and goodwill. That day; the night is always safe with an atmosphere of “we made it”. 

And the resolutions were never exempted from the icing on the cake; the very strawberries that bring soothing relief to weary hearts and bewildered minds. From new diaries to fresh notepads, the resolutions bring light to the thick darkness of the faithless. The resolutions become a means to an end that upholds achievement and peace. While some meet the New Year’s bucket list, others struggle and sink into disappointments, depression, anxiety, and suicide. 

The year 2020; vision 2020 as I like to laughingly call it unfolded with surprises. Schools, the pillars of sanity and intellectuality, were shut down. Hospitality and Tourism that remind people of beauty faded into a dim light. Employment that led to advancement in private lives and a decline in the economy of a nation took a different dimension. And home, family, relationships, friendship, peace, our children, our home, and fellowship became paramount. Businesses crashed and people died. Tears rolled down eyes and hearts bled with hate. The climate spoke louder and reminded people that everything has been done all wrong. The year, after the noise of the excitement of a new decade, started gloomy for some and blooming for others. As some embraced opportunities seeing beyond the odds, others laid back and mourned. And within a twinkle of an eye, priorities changed.

Unfortunately, resolutions are now scarce. More than ever, hearts are laid back with hope rather than a deadline. Not that faith and ambition are completely crushed but we all measured priorities and redefined our desires. The question of “why” became more important than “how” and “when”. Steps and estimations are now weighed by the present. Humanity started laughing at the expectations she has built for herself. So instead of resolutions, we find thanksgiving and patience. Virtues are graciously streaming from our minds. Among these many virtues of course lies the vice as greed and covetousness motivate the actions of our dear people. It’s now the negative watchword of “nothing lasts anymore; so why bother.” 


Rejuvenating Our Love for Resolutions

I understand that this article might be a bit too late for our hearts to be reminded that we can still rejuvenate our resolutions but better late than never.

  1. Live with Gratitude: The past year has taught us to stay in thanksgiving; hence, we reflect on the good times more than the bad. With a constant dependence on gratitude, we are open to embrace change and see opportunities. Create resolutions with a different mindset from previous years. Set your ultimatums to see solutions at all times, not on standards that will cause immediate withdrawal and depression when things don’t work out.
  2. Stay True to Your Convictions: In 2020, many walls of standards and convictions fell due to the weakness in the foundation of gathering these convictions. Families and friendships were broken due to ideologies expressed and misunderstood. Steadily, deception and hypocrisy became recognized. So, as you create your resolutions, find your convictions. If you have found them, build them and stay true to them. Remember, strong convictions precede great actions!
  3. Believe: The past year has created many reasons for people to lose faith and live hopelessly. Expectations have been disappointed; hearts are faint. But not you, you are a youth with a will and a purpose to build. Your expectations should not depend on the circumstance within your environment but on the truth that lies within you to keep moving. Revive your faith and run your work. 


You are a youth! You stand for the Future! So your resolutions can’t scare you. You make them, leave space for disappointment but do not stop hoping. Chase – take online courses, write professional exams, build your emotional intelligence and look beyond your environment for much more.