In Khartoum Sudan, has been a hot topic recently for many reasons. Since the end of Omar Al-Bashir’s 30-year rule has been ousted, many protests have been taken over the streets calling out for freedom, peace and justice. More recently, many women protestors have been taking action in protests and have been extremely vocal in wanting to be heard and yearning for change within their country. One young lady named Alaa Salah who is only 22 years old has gained a lot of attention for standing up on a car chanting for a revolution. The video clip has gone viral and she is only one of many women activist who want a revolution and their voices to be heard. The people of Sudan are tired of a dictatorship and want democracy. There have been so many protesters who have been seriously injured and killed especially women. There have been a number of women who have been seriously injured and hurt but still make their way out to protest despite of their situation, they persevere. Personally, I stand with the women of Sudan, they deserve their freedom and their voice needs to be heard. Women being oppressed is a human rights issue, according to the UN Women’s initiative for gender equality which is an initiative to promote gender equality and justice for all women. One of the interviews I heard regarding the crisis in Sudan was that “if you go after the women, the men will stop protesting, the women are the way to get through to the men.” That just shows how much power women have especially in this given issue. From a Christian perspective oppression, injustice, and not having your voice being heard is an issue for all mankind. In Isaiah 1:17 states “learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow’s cause.” There has been some progress in Sudan, but we need to continue to pray and advocate on our sisters and brother’s behalf. #justiceforsudan