Judge Amy Coney Barrett with family, President Donald Trump, and wife Melania

On Monday, October 12, nomination hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court began on Capitol Hill. With election day less than a month away in the United States, members of the Democrat Party are trying to stall the Constitutional procedure, claiming to use the same set of rules the Republicans did back in 2016. However, it is important to note that this year’s situation is different than that of four years ago.  

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, President Obama fulfilled his only constitutional dutyin this matter, by nominating a person to fill the empty seat. The U.S. Constitution requires that upon a vacancy in the court, the executive nominates and only the legislature, that is the Senate, advices and consents, which includes accepting or rejecting the nomination. In 2016, the Republican-led Senate advised and consented not to move forward with Obama’s judge, as there had been a precedent of not appointing a judge when the Executive and Legislative branches were controlled by different parties. Yet, this time around both these branches of government are ruled by the same party, which has its own precedent“Nineteen times between 1796 and 1968, presidents have sought to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in a presidential-election year while their party controlled the Senate.” Out of the ten times this was done prior to election day, nine nominations were successful, with the seat being filled before people went to vote. Therefore, with history ruling whether the judicial nomination process should continue this year, precedent is on the side of the Senate moving forward with the constitutional obligation of advice and consent. 

With that being said, the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett specifically, has led to many personal attacks from the Left and the mainstream media. Barrett is currently a Judge on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, appointed by President Trump in 2017. During those hearings, several Democrat senators viciously attacked her namely for her Catholic faith. For example, California Senator Diane Feinstein concluded “that the dogma lives loudly within you,” when addressing Barrett. Also, “Catholic” Sen. Dick Durbin from Illinois used a religion test, which the Constitution forbids, by asking Barrett if she was an “orthodox Catholic.” Lastly, in recent days, many Democrats and media outlets have attacked Barrett specifically for her affiliation with a Christian group called People of Praise, comparing it to the cult in the fictional, anti-Christian novel The Handmaid’s Tale. When in fact, the group adheres to traditional Christian principles on issues such as marriage and the family. 

Behind these attacks from the media and the left, one can see a specific agenda which is suppressing the Christian faith. Tucker Carlson of Fox News brilliantly mentioned in a recent episode in analyzing the Barrett reactions: “at its core, Christianity is a threat to the left because it acknowledges an authority higher than the Democratic National Committee.”  Furthermore, Carlson noted that, “what this is really about is abortion. The left is worried that Barrett doesn’t love abortion enough.” So, to push this agenda some have also gone after Barrett’s family. 

Amy Coney Barrett and her husband, Jesse, have a total of seven children, four girls and three boys. Two were adopted from Haiti, and the youngest biological son has Down Syndrome. As seen by the assaults from leftists, this beautiful symbol of motherhood, family, and cherish for life, counters everything that the Democratic party espouses. In fact, far-left Professor Ibram Kendi called the Barretts “White colonizers” and “racist” for choosing to welcome two Haitian children into their family, in the wake of the earthquake disaster. Quite the irony, when pro-abortion advocates occasionally accuse pro-lifers of not personally being pro-life if they do not adopt children of their own. Then when a perfect example comes, they accuse the person of racism or other things. Truly, the Democratic party, in also their support of the anti-family Black Lives Matter, have shown an enmity for anyone who is “well-adjusted and normal,” as Tucker Carlson rightly noted.  

As the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett are under way, and a vote is set in the coming weeks, every observer should prepare for an all-out attack from the Left and the media on not only her faith, family, but also her views on abortion. This should come as no surprise, because both the Democrat Party and the mainstream media corporations, receive huge sums of money from the top abortion business in America, Planned Parenthood. In fact, just this year, Planned Parenthood of America gave over $45 million to pro-abortion Democrats.  

Though Barrett has not directly ruled on abortion during her time as judge, she has agreed to rehear some cases of pro-life legislation from Indiana, which were eventually upheld. In her personal life, Barrett has been strongly pro-life, including when she signed on to a 2006 ad affirming the “right to life from fertilization, and that Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned. Lastly, Amy Coney Barrett has been critical of the legal doctrine of stare decisis, or precedent, as the be all end all when deciding on the possibility of overturning cases. This could give an idea of how she could rule in a case which may rescind Roe. 

Though this result is not an absolute certainty, and many pro-lifers have been disappointed in the past when it comes to this issue, the pure fact that Amy Coney Barrett, an unapologetic Catholic, mother, and pro-lifer, could sit on the Supreme Court, has totally angered the Democratic party. So much so that they will do anything to stop her from reaching the high court bench.