There was a time when I was always looking for opportunities where I can serve significantly from my home but on an international level. As a pro-life defender in my country, I have always wanted to serve in a pro-life but not necessarily through areligious initiative. One day, someone sent to me a link to International Youth coalition (IYc) ‘s website. This day was the beginning of my life-changing journey.

As a student, I have to do home tasks and learning every day, next to my other responsibilities as a human rights defender in Madagascar. Theoretically, it seemed to be burdensome for me to add one more duty in my life. But the passion drove me to do that. My 12 months internship ran so fast because I loved what I did as an author contributor. It made me feel blessed and lucky to be part of an international community of young fervent leaders defending life and family from different countries. IYc gave me the occasion to write two articles with leaders from the USA and Nigeria. But in terms of writing skills, it was a bit challenging for me.

Since English is my third language (as a person growing and living in a francophone country), my IYc journey was an incredible experience to strengthen my English writing skills. Like the other contributors, I have always had the continuous support from our team Leader. Until now, I have written more than 20 articles for IYc. Each article refers to an event or something that happened in my life during the time I wrote it. The more I write articles, the more my passion for life promotion increases. And these gave me the realization that every life defenders in my country should be gathered and work together where we can grow in skills and supports from each other.

Covid19 was also there! While I wrote an article about the coronavirus disease, my knowledges around it and health in general increased. Before I write an article, I have to do many research, and this leads me to virtually meet the world. For instance, the lockdown period led me to look for situations about gender-based violence in many countries. I also discovered many governmental initiatives in terms of banning or reducing exposition to pornography. From food waste to laundry workers, the topics I discussed at my IYc journey helped me to realize that life promotion is the basis of the solving to every issue worldwide.

I envision a world where a wide range of life defenders are implementing various projects for the improvement of everyone’s lives. And I think that IYc is a great platform for young leaders to meet and practice.