| March 11, 2019

I was just scrolling through Facebook, and I saw from LifeNews that House Republicans are still trying to get the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act signed into law. They keep on trying to have a vote on the act vote, but Democrats have blocked it from even being voted on for the 13th time, the 15th in total for all of Congress. Just a couple weeks ago, forty-four Democratic Senators voted to deny abortion survivors care after being born (I thought they supported healthcare for all). At the time, I found that horrifying, and with every time that people try to pass it and others shoot it down, the whole thing disgusts me even more. If you remember, the catalyst for this attempted legislation was disgraced Virginia Governor Ralph Northam saying that killing a baby after that baby was born was something that could be discussed if that baby didn’t pass muster, if that baby wasn’t “good enough”.

This horrifying version of eugenics has a precedent historically. In ancient Sparta, if a baby had a disability of any kind, they would just leave the baby on the side of a mountain to die, unless the baby were, by some miracle, picked up and cared for by a kindly stranger. We learned about this in history classes growing up, and we called this barbaric, because it was. It was one of the most horrific things in all of history, and we should all recognize that, but we should also recognize that it is just as horrific when done in the United States, with a table at a hospital standing in for the Spartan mountainside, and it is even more so when forty-four United States Senators, whose entire job it is to protect the lives of the citizens of the United States of America, vote to allow this. This betrayal of our most vulnerable citizens is a betrayal of our most basic American values. This disgusting act by forty-four Senators, which is continuously repeated in the House, sets our country back, and stoops down to the level of an ancient “civilization” that neglected any child born differently.