We need your help. It has been a while since we have last asked for your help, but the time has come to make your contribution.

Please register as a delegate at the UNFPA’s Global Youth Forum that will take next week in Bali, between December 3-6. You do not have to go to Bali to influence the discussions. Sign up here: http://www.icpdyouth.org and let everyone know you are with the IYc to help make sure that future generations of unborn children are not destroyed by the folly of the United Nations Population Fund.

We ask that you tweet, blog, follow the webcasts. You will be able to ask questions during the webcasts, all those hard questions that no one else wants to ask. You will interact with other young people from around the globe. It is a great opportunity to sharpen your advocacy for human life and dignity, while shedding some light into some very dark places.

When you sign up they will ask you to subscribe to 15 vague principles, loosely based on UN consensus documents. Among these principles is that understanding that “various forms of family exist” – a code word for same sex marriage in Europe. Do not worry, that meaning is not set in stone, and most UN delegations use it in reference to extended families. We ask you to sign up regardless, and we will release a disclaimer stating that we neither support abortion nor any family other than the natural family.

The Forum is being sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the government of Indonesia. The discussions will be channeled into an outcome document that will be fed into UN negotiations for the review of the International Conference on Population and Development which took place in Cairo in 1994. That was the worst document to ever come out of the United Nations! Thanks to many brave delegates the conference did not create an international right to abortion, as the international abortion lobby hoped to do. Now is your turn to help ensure it stays that way!

The UNFPA wants abortion and same sex marriage to be international rights. They think there are too many people on our planet, and will stop at nothing to reduce the world’s population. At this conference they will try to forge the signature of the world’s young people in order to claim their voice in support of abortion and same sex marriage. Let them know they do not speak for you!

The UNFPA has been at the forefront of population control movements since its creation. It is behind the one child policy in China, forced sterilization programs all over Asia, and is now continuing to fund these programs under the more politically correct term “sexual and reproductive health”. They need to be stopped!

Please lend you hand, and be in contact with us through email and facebook, as you do