When I Was Confirmed, I Didn’t Even Know What The Pro-Life Movement Was. Now I Cant Think Of A More Appropriate Confirmation Name For Me

| August 14, 2018

I had my Confirmation at the beginning of high school with the others in my class. At Conformation, many choose to take a Confirmation name, which is supposed to be that of a saint who you want to emulate in your faith journey. I, as a dumb kid, picked Michael because I thought the story of St. Michael fighting Satan was cool. Not because I thought it was good or faithful or something I wanted to emulate or anything like that. No, the depth of my faith when I was preparing to be confirmed was “This dude beat the crap out of the Devil! Awesome!” Looking back, I’m honestly surprised they let me get confirmed. I was immature and stupid and I probably should have done some things differently. My Confirmation name, however stupidly it was decided upon, was an absolutely perfect name for me and something I would not have changed if I could go back.

Back when I was preparing for Confirmation, I knew very little about the world. For example, and the example I’m using, I had no idea what abortion was and certainly not what the pro-life movement was. (Note: If something is so bad that it’s not even conceivable for a middle schooler, it probably shouldn’t be done). Now I know what the pro-life movement is, why it exists, and I dedicate a lot of time and energy to it. The connection to my confirmation name was not made until Friday. I was, predictably, at the beach because apparently I do my best thinking at the beach, considering that the beach was also where I investigated the straws. Anyway, my cousins come along and my one cousin had on a St. Michael medallion. When he showed it to me, I was reminded of my Confirmation and choosing Michael for my name. Then it hit me in a way I had never thought of it before. The whole thing that makes St. Michael, St. Michael is the warrior spirit that cast Satan out, ironically, the same warrior spirit that first attracted me to him. Michael fought Satan with strength and courage, and I, as an active participant in the pro-life movement, fully intend to speak up and fight this fight as long as the moral evils of abortion and euthanasia exist. I intend to do this with the same warrior spirit as St. Michael casting out Satan. I believe that God wants me, specifically, to do so. To that end, God moved me to pick this name as a method of recruiting me for the upcoming fight.