The United Nations recognizes July 30th as the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, which simply means that this day is meant to alert people of the seriousness of this heinous offense and it helps bring more awareness to this crime. Although there are many great organizations out there, who are combating trafficking head on, many are also advocating for these survivors’ rights. There are homes where these survivors live and receive the care and attention they need. All of that is amazing, but there is still more to do.

The secretary general of the United Nations António Guterres has stressed and stated that “human trafficking is a heinous crime that affects every region of the world” – especially women and children.”[1] The UN has been making progress in the efforts of combating human trafficking, but this billion-dollar industry won’t go away overnight. Young girls are targeted each day worldwide, and this designated day will hopefully raise awareness and urge others to help fight the good fight.

This is a billion-dollar industry, which unfortunately exists in every country and occurs within all the fifty states of the U.S. Human trafficking has no gender, face, or color, and unfortunately this is a growing business. One may say how is this business constantly growing? Well, there is a significant high demand for young girls in the sex industry ranging from prostitution and sex labor and because the demand is increasing, sadly so is the act of trafficking. The more people are aware of the current issue the more we can notice signs and warnings of those around us who are in need of help but are silenced because of what may happen to them.

To all the great organizations out there on the forefront fighting to put an end to this heinous crime, thank you! Your work in not in vain! Let’s keep fighting together to end human trafficking!