I was in University not too long ago, and one of the things that characterised it for me was relationships. Everyone was either in one, getting out of one or yearning for one. Most of my friends had some sort of relationship.

As I progressed through the years and watched relationships form and others break around me, I realised three things that I wanted for myself. One and most importantly, God was going to be the centre of any relationship that I got into. Two, I was not going to compromise my standards or priorities and three, I was going to be with my best friend–in that I was going to foster a friendship before any relationship.

This three-part method worked for me and continues to do so. I figured that we as young people ought to prioritize important things such family, education, career, spirituality and so on. I say impatience when it comes to relationships is expensive because it takes away time needed to work on the aforementioned. When we waste time on meaningless relationships we misuse our younger years meant to be spent working on what really matters and by the time we realise this, much is lost.

A relationship where God is at the centre means mutual respect, friendship and standards has and continues to be the test before I enter in any relationship. While I look for these things I am working on myself so that I can be the best version of myself before I meet my significant other. We as young people need to understand and realise that it is expensive to lose time and invest in wrong relationships and that patience in waiting for the right time helps build invaluable traits that lead to longer lasting relationships.