In my last blog I spoke about challenges and how they are an opportunity to learn and grow. Since that post I have faced many personal challenges that have really tested that theory. One of those challenges being that I am a young woman in a role that has only been filled by middle-late aged men. I have never been the type of person to make race, age, gender, or religious affiliation a factor so when I decided to go after my job position, I did not consider that for myself. I am 21, was still a junior in college, and I was an intern. I doubted myself for all of five minutes, but I knew that this was something I worked hard for.

I love my job and I work hard at it every day, but it is almost an entirely separate job to convince people that I am qualified and cut out for it. I have told myself so many times “Well maybe if I was a man…” or “It’s because I am not old enough.” As I have gone over all of the challenges that turned into lessons I have realized that embracing my positions and myself no matter what I look like or how old I am is important. I have learned recently that this world and all of its rules have blinded me to the endless possibilities that are out there. Society teaches you that there has to be a certain order to the way things go. You have to go to college and graduate before getting a good job. You have to start at the bottom and work your way up. You have to apply for jobs that you qualify for and it’s a waste of time to put yourself out there. These are all lies I believed that forced me to doubt myself.

It is important to know that whatever path you take for your life is meaningful, whether conventional or not. It is also important to know that if you have a passion, a gift, or a calling, then it is your obligation to push past any self or outside doubt and go after it. I have always been a very reserved and conservative person but have grown to realize that confidence and boldness is what has gotten me to the place that I am. Ensure yourself that all of your self-doubt and those around you that do not understand your calling are not in charge of your destiny. Never feed into the doubt that surrounds you. Do not worry about they way that you assume things have to go. Take opportunities as they are presented to you and one day you will look back and thank yourself.