Amy Sharp

Amy Sharp


I am currently a junior at Liberty University working on completing my bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice: Strategic Intelligence with a minor in Psychology. I hope to one day spend my life working on catching criminals, and study how to prevent future crime. I spend my spare time at home with my daughter Arabelle and my husband Colton. We spend lots of our time cooking, hiking, and going on long walks as a family. I have always enjoyed writing in journals or through a personal blog and am excited to combine my hobby with my life-long passion in making the world a better and safer place for the next generation to grow up in.


“Until justice rolls down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream” -Martin Luther King Jr.

In the times that we live in, often people fight the justice system because they believe they are defending our rights. What needs to change is the public and the justice system working together to defend and preserve the existing rights while bringing justice to those that threaten them. I believe this process starts with becoming educated and aware, and the IYc is a great resource. It is such an honor to write with so many other great people, bring light to many things happening in our world today, and hopefully bring truth to those that need it.


The Importance of Mentorship

In this age of social media and the internet, it seems as if young people are suffering in a different way than any other generation ever has. It is a type of suffering that our parents and grandparents will never understand but is extremely real. With “living” on the internet comes pressure and comparison. Every […]

Amy Sharp | July 11, 2019


Being an Open-Minded Conservative

Growing up in such a politically diverse and tense society has led most of my generation to believe that you must either be a complete conservative or a complete liberal. The tension between the two sides has led my generation to believe that there is no common ground, no understanding, and no civility between the […]

Amy Sharp | June 20, 2019


Politics in the Criminal Justice System

Too often I have received blank stares, eye rolls, and unnecessary arguments when mentioning my passion for work in the criminal justice system. At Liberty, the Criminal Justice program falls under the Helms School of Government because there is a need for understanding the basics of our governmental system in order to thrive in criminal […]

Amy Sharp | June 17, 2019


Choices About Life

It is not hard to scroll on the internet and hear about the pro-choice and pro-life dispute going on. The controversy is between the woman having a right over her own body or if a fetus in the womb is considered a human and should have the right to life. The truth is that every […]

Amy Sharp | June 6, 2019


One Thing Makes the Next Thing Happen

In October, I inquired about an opportunity in which I would be able to earn the required Volunteer/Service hours to graduate while gaining real-world work experience. I had to seriously debate with myself if I even had the time to commit to something, I knew very little about. All I knew was that this was […]

Amy Sharp | May 25, 2019


Why is the Family So Important?

Unpopular Worldview, Important Understanding Through all of the events that I have attending while at the UN, there has been the underlying issue of Comprehensive Sexual Education and “Family Planning.” All of these nations and advocates for women’s rights seem to believe that the root of the gender equality issue is that women need to […]

Amy Sharp | March 16, 2019


Promoting Justice for Sexual Violence Victims

Many controversial topics have been and will continue to be discussed at CSW over the next week and a half. One topic that was brought up in one of the first events I attended is one that must be talked about more. Hosted by Sweden and Ethiopia, the topic of changing social norms and delivering […]

Amy Sharp | March 14, 2019


Following by Example and Paving the Way for Single Parents.

The second day of the Commission on the Status of Women Conference was full of knowledge, empowerment, and initiative from women all over the globe to implement policy. I attended events today hosted by the Population Council on the importance of evidence and data in providing women and girls emergency assistance and Lawyers Without Boarders […]

Amy Sharp | March 13, 2019


Empowering and Supporting Mothers: CSW63 Conference Week 1

March 11th, 2019 was the first day of the 63rd session of the Commission on the Status of Women Conference held by the United Nations in New York City. The purpose of this is to discuss policy and legislation that will provide rights and empowerment to women across the globe. I have had the privilege […]

Amy Sharp | March 12, 2019


Frustration and Aggression: The Importance of Coping

Everyone can remember being a teenager and giving their parents a hard time. I definitely can. The phase of puberty comes along with a lot of confusing changes biologically and physically. As hormones begin to run rampant, behavior changes become noticeable. That’s when that lovely teenage attitude comes in and the famous eyeroll grows to […]

Amy Sharp | February 27, 2019