Choices About Life

| June 6, 2019

It is not hard to scroll on the internet and hear about the pro-choice and pro-life dispute going on. The controversy is between the woman having a right over her own body or if a fetus in the womb is considered a human and should have the right to life. The truth is that every person will never agree on this issue. There will always be at least one single person that has a difference in opinion. So, the issue is how do we all come to a compromise and peacefully agree to disagree.

In understanding that there will always be a difference in opinion, belief, and faith, the only way to come to a compromise is to find the one thing that everybody can agree on. No matter how enraged it may make some people, we must put the controversy, religion, and anger to the side and discuss what is tangible. Money. I know that sounds superficial, but when it boils down to it, money is being poured into either decision. If we go with the pro-choice decision, then government funding and tax payer dollars are being used to fund abortion clinics across the nation. If we go with the pro-life decision, then government funding and tax payer dollars are being used to shut down those clinics and enforce the laws that have been set in place to ban abortions. With either choice, there is a group of people left unhappy and feel as if their money is being spent wrongly.

In my belief, God has granted human kind with free-will so that we may make our own choices in hopes that we will choose him. With the God given right to choose, we are also instructed to love our neighbor. With that we are to respect our neighbor, including those that do not agree with us.

In a previous blog post I had talked about the importance of showing respect to our authority even when we do not agree with them. This is a very similar situation in that no matter what side of the scale we are on, we must respect other decisions and beliefs because our protests will not change them. What we can change is what government funding and tax payer dollars go towards. The funding of abortion should never be taken into politics within a democracy such as the United States of America. The beautiful thing about our government system is that everybody gets a vote and we have rights to ensure that everybody’s voice and wishes are heard and put into practice. With each new presidential term comes a new set of ethics, morals, beliefs, and opinions. In order to ensure that everybody is respected through our choices is to not force those that do not agree to monetarily fund those choices.  If Abortion is going to  be banned, then it should not be governmentally supported.

While women do deserve access to safe health care no matter what they are going for and they deserve access to mental health facilities where they can freely open up about their choices, the citizens of the U.S deserve to know that their government is not funding an issue so widely disagreed upon. Those that choose life should not have to pay taxes knowing that their money is funding something that goes against everything they believe. With an issue as big as this, it should be taken out of the hands of the government and given to those that want to privately support it. Everybody does indeed have the right to choose, but do not pull me into your choices.