Recently, Canada has developed nine new grants which would ‘improve access to sexual and reproductive health services in Africa.’ Having donated $4.5 million dollars for this research, Canada ensures Africa will one day have a better healthcare system. As mention in the grant, it would help improve maternal and child health globally.

An article by Rebecca Oas mentions how “in the past, Canada was a world leader in providing maternal health care for women in poor countries, excluding funding for abortion.” But today, instead Canada will now provide systems that would supposedly help improve Africa’s health system but in reality, they are just trying to provide access to abortion clinics.

Mentioned in the grant, Canada wants to help Nigeria “expand the testing of home visits and educational videos in Bauchi State to include education about child-spacing and contraception.” With this, Canada wants to educate children on the use of contraception with no indication on what age level they will teach to.

Other implementations are to train healthcare workers and to provide family planning information and services to adolescents and women.

As you can notice, these grants focus on the adolescents and women. Africa is known to have some of the largest populations of young people. Canada ostensibly says its goal— by providing sexual and reproductive health to Africa–is to help ‘stabilize’ countries there, but it sounds like their intention might also be to decrease the population of Africans.