A Double Standard for “Life”

| March 29, 2018

Schools across the United States are witnessing student walkouts as part of the March for Our Lives movement calling for new gun control.

In response to this, one student is testing the favor of liberal positions in the media, as well as in schools themselves, while promoting a pro-life position.

Brandon Gillespie, a student at Rocklin High School in Rocklin, California, is organizing his own student walk out to protest abortion. His pro-life walk out was inspired by his own history teacher, Julianne Benzel, who according to The Daily Signal was put on administrative leave for questioning whether a student protest against abortion would be allowed by schools. Benzel was featured on Fox & Friends expressing her concern that some students may be allowed to protest their opinion, while others may not be granted the same rights.

Gillespie’s walk out is just one of a growing number of “Pro-Life Walkouts” across the nation. Whether or not his walkout is approved or not, his willingness to share his opinion with his peers, despite the unpopularity it might face, shows great courage among a generation that arguably is most involved in technology and the media, and therefore more swayed by the prevalent opinions displayed.

What’s more, Gillespie, as well as Benzel, are challenging the speech rights of high school students. Many colleges and universities already have their own horror stories of limited free speech and attempts to brainwash students’ beliefs; to have this trend trickle into high schools as well would pose a threat to vulnerable minds still forming their beliefs and ideas.

As the defense of the March for Life as the ultimate march for all lives continues, let’s be vigilant toward promoting our beliefs and our free speech to do so, in the efforts to attain the recognition of human dignity for all.