Kiersten Lynch

Kiersten Lynch


Kiersten Lynch received her B.A. in English Literature and Catholic Theology with a minor in Spanish from Seton Hall University. She plans on continuing her education in the Master of Arts in English Literature program at Seton Hall University. Her primary academic interests include studying novels, particularly the 19th century British novel, as well as Romanticism in literature and Thomistic theology.

In her free time, Kiersten maintains her own blog about literature and culture. She also enjoys art, especially painting, and loves to write. In college she led the Pro-Life group on campus, Pirates for Life. She is eager to combine her love of writing with her great passion for the dignity of human life and the pursuit of truth!


“Truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself.”    St Augustine

I truly believe that the promotion and protection of human dignity and family begins with a dedication to pursuing truth. So often the sacredness and beauty of life is cast aside in favor of lies within our society that distract us from the truth. We live in an age of technology where people are bombarded with information every day, making it easier and easier to become confused about moral and life issues. However, I think our time allows for the opportunity to use technology to spread truth and educate others, if we only have people dedicated to this cause. I hope I can help contribute to this cause through the honor of writing for IYc, so that more people, especially young people, can find truth!

Defending the Faith

Defending Your Values in Your College Classes

Discussions about “pro-life” topics are common in college classrooms yet often hostile to the cause, especially when you fall on the side of conservative opinions. For many young people who don’t sympathize with the ever-changing progressive ideas about topics like feminism, gender identity, and abortion, the easy solution is to keep your lips sealed and […]

Kiersten Lynch | September 9, 2018


Resist Narrow Media Narratives…Seriously

This week the pro-life movement rejoiced with the Senate vote in Argentina passing in favor of the pro-life movement, 38-31. However, when news of the vote entered the media scene, many articles immediately turned to the Catholic Church as the focus of the issue instead of the advocates themselves. TIME Magazine ran a headline: “Argentina’s […]

Kiersten Lynch | August 14, 2018


Argentina: An Extreme Example for the World

This week, LifeNews reported the unveiling of a disturbingly violent video game, “Doom Fetito” in South America meant to mock pro-life advocates as the date looms for the country to vote on pro-abortion legislation. The game involves a mission to acquire an abortion-inducing drug by battling Catholic priests, pro-life women, Nazi-like police, and a giant […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 29, 2018

Marriage and the Family

“Big Eyes” Biographical Drama Sheds Light on Feminism

It can be hard to decipher the true aims of feminist movements these days. While some seem heroically focused on recognizing and valuing the beauty and assets that women impart onto the world, others seem like no more than schemes aimed against women. These movements manifest subtly in “women’s rights” movements that defend abortions, a […]

Kiersten Lynch | July 20, 2018


Supreme Court Decision Offers Hope

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled against a California law stating that pregnancy centers should be forced to promote abortions, marking a huge win for the pro-life movement and offering hope to the culture of life in the United States. In reality, this decision reflects much more than just hope. The Supreme Court decision marks a […]

Kiersten Lynch | June 27, 2018

Marriage and the Family

Anthony Bourdain & The Family

A recent article from The New Yorker details a kind-of legacy of Bourdain that hinges on artistic obituary and sheds light on an oft-ignored topic in the discussion of mental health. Helen Rosner, the author of the article “Anthony Bourdain and the Power of Telling the Truth,” brings to light a truth that she likely […]

Kiersten Lynch | June 15, 2018

Religious Freedom

Religious Liberty vs. Civil Rights: Is There a Victor?

An article featured on The Mercury News explains the U.S. Democrats’ efforts to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in order to provide more protection and anti-discrimination efforts for gay, lesbian, and transgender people. The act they propose, called the Do Not Harm Act, will change the RFRA act so that religious freedom rights will […]

Kiersten Lynch | May 24, 2018

Human Rights

SheSees Providing Vision Care to Women

The Fred Hollows Foundation, a non-profit organization based on Australia, has created a new initiative to focus on women’s eye health and prevent avoidable blindness called SheSees. Why specifically women’s healthcare? The Fred Hollows Foundation addresses avoidable blindness for all people around the world, but this initiative specifically focuses on women because of a gender […]

Kiersten Lynch | May 24, 2018

Human Rights

Technology Saves Lives

An article from Futurism highlights Emily Kennedy, a young woman who created a software program to detect victims of human trafficking and save them. Usually we might think of technology as the part of the problem for human trafficking, but Kennedy found a way to use online advertisements for sex to detect faces and match […]

Kiersten Lynch | April 30, 2018

Human Rights

Life According to YouTube

A recent article on Elite Daily investigated the life of YouTuber Logan Paul after his video content came under much controversy in December. Paul had posted a video with footage of him in Japan’s Aokigahara forest beside an apparent suicide victim, which was deemed inappropriate by audiences for the obviously disturbing insensitivity to a severe tragedy. […]

Kiersten Lynch | April 30, 2018