Gerber’s Welcoming Message

| March 16, 2018

One of the most hopeful recent news items was the positivity in response to Gerber announcing their Baby of the Year choice.

Why the extra-special response?

Lucas Warren, this year’s winner, is not only especially adorable, but also has Down Syndrome. Not only that, he is the first baby with Down Syndrome to be chosen for Gerber’s famous award.

In light of some countries like Iceland and Denmark announcing that they are close to “eradicating” Down Syndrome through abortion, Gerber’s message of hope is refreshing and inspirational. Though not explicitly, Gerber’s message totally demolishes the idea that abortion can be considered healthcare. It shows full support of Down Syndrome lives without any tinge of negativity or disappointment toward this condition.

What’s more, Gerber proves that companies can positively change the norms of society through the power of their brand and image. It’s not uncommon for doctors to encourage women to abort their children if there is a possibility of Down Syndrome, so acknowledging that a baby with Down Syndrome is just as wonderful and prized as any other child contradicts bigoted and ignorant societal beliefs, and hopefully can change them.

With some states starting to pass laws against abortions of babies with Down Syndrome, Gerber can only strengthen these efforts by promoting the goodness and inherent dignity and worth of all human lives. We tend to think that science and the medical world impact our culture with truth, but in many cases it works the other way around, as culture corrupts the way we practice medicine. When our culture comes to see the truth about Down Syndrome and other disabilities, we may finally start to see positive changes in medical decisions and procedures, and achieve care for all human life, not eradication.



(Photo: Gerber, Warren Family)