Hey feminists, LISTEN UP!

| July 23, 2018

If it isn’t bad enough that we have feminists shrieking about tax on tampons while they wear pink female genitalia hats, now we have extreme feminists in the United Nations infecting the world with their ridiculous ideologies.

This years High Level Political Forum at the UN was host to an event about the equality of women in the world as a part of the 2030 sustainable development agenda. This event sounds like it promotes a worthy cause. However, upon observation, I was disheartened by the agenda of this event.

Each of the panelists were asked what equality means to them, to which one of the panelists Jake Sitka responded: “it’s about challenging gender norms”. So now equality of women is contingent on changing what it means to be male, or female? I thought equality was about equally valuing women just as they are.

Sitka who is the executive director of Next Gen Men, an organization created to teach men and boys about equality for women, went on to say how boys are always told to ‘man up’, that ‘boys don’t cry’ and that we need to stretch men beyond “heteronormative masculinity”.

So, in fact, feminism and equality of women is not about women at all, it’s about deconstructing and criticizing males until they fit the mold that helps validate women as equal. So now we have organizations like Next Gen Men where you can be taught to be less like a heterosexual male.

Sitka then discussed how he approaches talking about equality with men and boys. He described how, for those of us not ‘privileged enough to have studied gender theory’, we speak in “average joe” language to help them understand.

Well thank goodness we have geniuses who have studied gender theory to give these pig-headed men an ‘equality for dummies’ talk. This is obviously ridiculous, it’s as if they believe men are inherently wired to think they are superior to women. Plus, who wants to take gender theory?

Another panelist said equality is all about “creating an environment where girls and women feel they are equal to men and boys.” In other words, it’s completely subjective, the goal here is for men to tiptoe around women until they feel equal, and if you don’t adhere to their every offense, you are a sexist pig.

Why are feminists obsessed with what men are doing? Why can’t women take pride in their feminine traits and be strong in them? Be a woman, and own it, but also take responsibility for your life.

All I heard in this conference was a lot of blame being thrown around. It only proved further that feminist empowerment is built on guilting others and subjective concepts of sexism that do not speak for the majority but are painted as such.

A great example of this is the situation described by a panelist. She complained about a situation in which in a woman makes a clever comment, later a man stands up and says something similar. The man is praised for the comment and not the woman.

Well, it can’t get more sexist than that. Except maybe it was pure circumstance, and gender had nothing to do with it. We have no idea what was said. Isn’t it possible that this guy would’ve copied any other clever comment in the room? Maybe it was a misunderstanding. Maybe it had nothing to do with her being a woman. Maybe the chairman doesn’t care who the clever comment is from but values the idea. Who knows, but how can we take this small subjective circumstance and call it sexism with no evidence!

Why didn’t this woman stand up for herself? Why not fight for your equality by fighting for your clever comment? Stand up for YOURSELF. Not everything that is slightly unfair in your life entitles you to a victim status.

If this is the biggest issue you have, then you are living the life.

If feminists are so concerned with women’s rights, why not fight for those who don’t have any in the world. Instead of having a lavish and useless conference to complain about your miniscule inconveniences as a woman, why not cancel the catering and use that money to help the people who won’t be able to find their next meal?

I am a woman, you know what I am concerned about? I am concerned about feminists that are so selfish that they want to be able to choose for themselves what they do with their bodies even when it means they take that choice away from their own babies.

The “my body, my choice” argument for abortion is self-refuting. If every person has the right to choose what they do with their body, then what about the human inside of you that you have decided to pay someone to mutilate?

This is the issue with their ideology, its completely selfish and subjective.

I am all for women having equal rights to men, I am a woman myself after all. However, let’s have a little respect for women’s choice. The choice to stay at home or the choice to work, the choice to have a family or not, the choice to be a conservative or liberal. Let’s make feminism about empowering women again!

In addition, if women are so strong and independent, then why is their movement contingent on male adherence? I thought you were strong. I thought you could do anything a man could. Well, guess what, a man deals with issues every day, and doesn’t hold a meeting at the UN to complain that their life is unfair.

Feminists need to man up. Yes, I said it. They need to stop complaining and stop blaming other people. Grow up, acknowledge your circumstances and make something of yourself.

If you don’t like that someone underestimates you, prove them wrong, exceed expectations. If you don’t like how someone treats you, don’t take it, say something. If you want a better opportunity, don’t wait for it to come to you, go get it.

Everyone has unfair circumstances, but lots of people rise above them, and lots of people become legendary for it.

Stop whining and go be legendary!