LeRoy Carhart: “Advanced Gestation Abortion Care”

| October 17, 2017

Anyone who’s been in the pro-life movement long enough is familiar with the most infamous characters in the abortion realm, the foremost of whom are Kermit Gosnell and LeRoy Carhart. Gosnell, of course, was indicted for the murders of three babies who survived their abortion attempts. He’ll remain imprisoned for life without parole due to these and many other hideous infractions, including performing late-term abortions in a state where they were not legal. So what has become of LeRoy Carhart, our other American abortionist known for his late-term services?

He just opened a new late-term abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland. Putting aside for a moment the atrocious reality of what a late-term abortion really is, the opening of such a facility is truly an intriguing development. Late-term abortion is not popular, it is more dangerous, and it is substantially more expensive than earlier gestation abortion procedures. The higher profit potential provides a clear motive for opening this new Maryland facility, but on the cusp of potential Fetal Pain legislation passing at the federal level, pro-lifers and moderate pro-choicers alike are hoping this new development is short-lived.

American citizens have many different ideas about when the preborn deserve human rights. For some, human rights begin when the heart starts beating at twenty-one days. For others, the preborn gain rights when brain activity begins around six weeks. When the fetus can feel pain is another popular marker. Notice that these opinions vary from twenty weeks gestation and earlier. Even under the guise of personal choice and reproductive rights, a lot of people can’t bring themselves to say that terminating a seven pound baby comes without moral consequences.
All abortions are tragic, but late-term ones are a special kind of gruesome. “Advanced Gestation Abortion Care” is an earnest attempt to soften one of the most horrifying procedures in modern medicine. Our thoughts are with any woman who feels that a visit to LeRoy Carhart is her only option.