Melinda Gates and her radical eugenicist cohort are in need of funds.  It seems some family planning proponents lack funds to contribute to the effort because they need them to provide basic necessities for their countries.  From the Turtle Bay and Beyond article posted yesterday “Inside the Gates’ Summit on Family Planning”:

Uganda President Musevini let his exasperation seep out. Pledging $5 million for family planning by 2012, he said, ”That may seem small, but we’re spending billions on getting electricity. We can’t have development without electricity.’

President Musevini, you’ve got it right.  Why is so much money being spent on family planning services when 1,317,000,000 people are without electricity in the world today, almost half of those residing in Africa alone?



That’s not the worst of it, though. 884 million people lack access to clean water, 925 million people were hungry in 2010, almost 7 million communicable deaths occurred this year, over 4 million deaths of children under 5 this year, over 4 million deaths by cancer this year, and so forth.  The point is, the world has a lot of large problems, but the supposed “right” to family planning is not one of them.  Why then did proponents commit over $4.6 billion to family planning yesterday at the London Summit on Family Planning?


Anthony Ozimic, communications director for SPUC explains:


It is our responsibility as youth inheriting the future of the world to TAKE ACTION against the inefficient and ideological dispersal of the world’s funds towards such mere symptomatic and largely detrimental treatments.