Nuclear Warfare and a Defense of Life

| August 31, 2017

With the publicity surrounding the rising tension between the United States and North Korea on the topic of nuclear warfare comes a question for many people concerned about life: how do we approach this issue in a way that preserves the defense of life?

Rehumanize International’s Efforts

An organization called Rehumanize International recently put together their own petition which asks pro-life advocates to support an end to nuclear weapons. Their goal was to send the petition to various American and United Nations leaders in the hope of suggesting a change that affects the world.

Besides their interest in nuclear weapons, Rehumanize International is a pro-life group that opposes abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human trafficking, and many other issues. Their stand-point on nuclear weapons in regards to the petition is a contribution to unjust war, of which they are opposed.

Reading about Rehumanize International and their goals leads us to think about life and the preservation of the family on a global scale. Where we might look to individual countries and their own ways of preserving or threatening life, it is rare that we consider a problem that greatly influences every corner of the world. But nuclear warfare provides just the platform for that.

How do we defend life?

In my own reflections on the issue, I at first overlooked the fact that a country threatening nuclear warfare on others is not necessarily one composed of people who are supportive of nuclear warfare. In fact, in the case of North Korea, many of their people are innocent and victims of their own country. So, though it seems the defense of life is the defense of the American people, a true defense and concern for life also includes those people who are involuntarily forced to be a part of the threats being perpetuated.

Consequently, we find that defending life in the face of nuclear warfare means much more than picking a political side. Rather, it seems that the only way to resolve the conflict is to eliminate the conflict altogether: and eliminate nuclear weapons.

Thus, the title of the group Rehumanize International is fitting. It captures the true goal of disarming nuclear weapons: to refocus on the humanity of each individual. Nuclear weapons are among the largest and most powerful weapons, but their ability to wipe out masses of people is extremely dehumanizing even among different classes of weapons.

To combat the threats and nuclear warfare in the world, we can also do our part on an individual level by educating ourselves on the history and current situation of nuclear weapons. This education may even help us distinguish nuclear weapons and nuclear energy. If we learn about this situation we may help our society see the ways nuclear energy can be effectively used to positively impact life as a source of energy, while also admitting the negative impacts of using nuclear weapons to cause harm to individuals.