‘Oral sex is not sex’ says 9th Asian Pacific conference on SRHR

| April 25, 2018

“Undergraduates are now regarding oral.., what I call oral sex as not being sex. This is some other category of behavior.” Says Emeritus Professor Terrence H Hull at the 9th Asia Pacific conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights held in Vietnam in November 2017.

Keeping in line with the typical SRHR agenda of the radical left in the West, the conference focused on sexualizing kids, liberalizing abortion and promoting gender fluidity in the East. Getting things done has always been easier for them in East than compared to Western nations. Among others, the event served one common purpose, their need to vent out the frustration over losing in the global agenda at UN, bashing the Trump administration and attacking the Catholic Church.

Bring sex-ed to schools in Asia

‘One in 3 student in Chinese university have experienced sexual harassment or violence’ decried Professor Hull calling for radical sex education in schools referring to Benjamin Law’s ‘safe schools’ initiative of Australia.  The research he pointed out did not mention the sexuality or gender identity of the participants however he gladly took the liberty to suggest that radical sex-ed is the remedy for the epidemic of ‘sexual harassment’.


3d model of clitoris used in schools in France for sex education for children

Prof. Michael L. Tan in his presentation at 9th APCSRHR praising the use of 3d model of clitoris in sex ed classes in France and recommending the use of same in Asian schools

Echoing Prof Hull’s view Prof. Peter Anggleton said sexuality education has found to have ‘extremely beneficial effects not the negative effects’. He is the primary author of WHO’s guidance on Developing Sexual Health Programs and a senior member of the advisory group that led the development of the International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education for UNESCO perfected the agenda for sex ed. ‘Some of the most successful initiatives’ he said ‘is involving sexual health services into schools, not expecting the young people and teachers to go out of the school and find the sexual health service in out of context’.

Decriminalization of Abortion = Abortion on Demand

The highlight of the event was the discussions around Abortion. Not just ‘decriminalization’ but normalization and celebration of Abortion. “‘Decriminalization of abortion’ said Mrs. Marge Bere ‘means removing criminal sanctions by : not punishing anyone for providing safe abortion, not punishing anyone for having abortion, not involving police in investigating or prosecuting safe abortion provision or practice, not allowing courts in deciding whether to allow and abortion, treating abortion like every other form of health care and applying other laws to deal with  any coercive, dangerous of negligent practices.” In simple language Mrs. Bere was equating decriminalization of abortion to abortion on demand. It should be noted that Mrs. Bere who has been the Chairwoman of the Gender Advisory Panel, Department of Reproductive Health and Research/Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction at WHO from 1996-2001 also chaired the Steering Committee of the International Consortium for Medical Abortion (ICMA) from 2002 to 2011.

Mrs.Bere also opined that in Asia especially India, Vietnam, China and South Korea – laws relating to sex determination and selection abortions affecting particular access to second trimester abortions. This leaves one perplexed as to how can issues surrounding women’s health and rights can be addressed by ignoring the gendercide happening in the east.

Prof. T.K. Sundari Ravindran who worked previously with WHO and a member of the United Nations’ MDG Task Force on Maternal and Child Health mirrored Mrs. Berge’s agenda which is to “challenge legislative restrictions on safe abortion and limited availability of safe abortion services in public sector in countries where they are nominally legal.”

Several speakers including Marilen J Danguilan MD the country director of Marie Stopes in Philippines who formerly worked with WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA as well as UN World food program attacked the Catholic Church for its defense of human life in womb even in difficult circumstances using the usual ‘rape’ and ‘disability’ trump card.

The conference was sponsored by Ford Foundation, David and Lucile Packard foundation, UNFPA, MSI, and Population Council focused on key theme “Leave NO ONE Behind! Justice in Sexual and Reproductive Health”. For all who they think were included in their movement to fight discrimination there was no place for the girl child and children with disability in the womb.