Planned Parenthood Applauds Abortion in Netflix’s GLOW

| July 6, 2017

Planned Parenthood affirms a storyline in Netflix’s series GLOW in which the protagonist chooses to have an abortion. However, this affirmation unfortunately only acts as a way to promote fallacies related to women’s health and well-being, at the expense of women and children.

The show looks at women’s professional wrestling in the 1980’s and is intended to be a “comedy-drama.”[1] In one of the most recent episodes, character Ruth specifically visits a Planned Parenthood to have her abortion. An article from Entertainment Weekly describing the relationship between the show and Planned Parenthood reveals three main problematic statements about the show’s recent storyline and what it aims to promote.

“Full, Accurate Information” for Women

One of the first problematic statements in the article comes from Planned Parenthood’s Caren Spruch, director of arts and entertainment engagement at PP, who “applauds” the show for highlighting the need for every woman to have full, accurate information about all of her options so she can make the best decision for herself.” [2]

This statement is ironic considering organizations such as Students for Life America and Live Action that have revealed statements from women who have experienced Planned Parenthood’s organizations first-hand. These women found that the only information given to them in terms of their options are those that promotes abortion. (See video links below)

Furthermore, Spruch’s statements turn this language of “full, accurate information” away from the women themselves and instead directs it toward the public’s knowledge and opinion of women who choose to have an abortion. In this way, her goal of replacing “misinformation with facts” refers to the supposed myths and stigmas for women who choose abortion and not the actual biased information that Planned Parenthood knowingly provides women.

While it is wrong to judge any person, including a woman who chooses abortion, it is a severe wrong to suggest the lie that Planned Parenthood provides women complete information for their options. Women are simply not getting the help that they need from Planned Parenthood.

The Danger of Being “Pragmatic”

Another red flag from Entertainment Weekly’s article is Alison Brie’s applause for her character approaching abortion in a “pragmatic way.” [3] The danger of approving this pragmatism is that it is vague and can be used to approve deeply immoral choices. Pragmatism by definition means “dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.” This idea can easily be abused to convince women that the logistics of having an unplanned pregnancy outweigh the “theoretical” considerations that a baby in the womb is a life that needs love and defense.

To say that “realistic” considerations are more important than a human being’s life is dangerous and ignores the fact that children can be adopted by loving families who greatly desire to have children.

The article focuses on women and how abortion doesn’t have to “break” them or be “the end of the world.” While this is absolutely true, the article supports this statement by promoting abortion and the death of a baby instead of loving the mother and the child by turning the possibility of a broken situation into a hopeful situation for two people.

Ignoring the Real Impact on Women

Brie’s last statements at the end of the EW article affirm that the choice is “not melodramatic” and instead promotes how the decision “comes very easily” because of women “owning their bodies, knowing their bodies, [and] knowing what they can do with them.” [4]

Here is, perhaps, the saddest lie promoted in the relationship between GLOW and Planned Parenthood.

The actress’s words diminish the emotional weight and stress that a woman experiences when considering an abortion and instead pretends like the decision has no impact on her, and shouldn’t. By affirming a decline in drama, this statement dramatically departs from reality. Abortion’s effect on women is significant, and to deny so is a lie.

For example, CBS News reported an article on the possibility of a sharp decline in women’s mental health as a result of having an abortion or multiple abortions. Organizations like Rachel’s Vineyard provide healing and support for women who have had abortions because they recognize the reality that women are impacted by this loss and they, as well as their families, can experience trauma as a result.

What is our best response to our entertainment?

We must always be wary of the truths promoted to us, even those that we don’t notice because they are in our entertainment. To say that the only choice in response to an unplanned pregnancy is either for or against women is a toxic lie that we must debunk so that we can promote life and happiness for every person.


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