Recent Study Suggests Embryo Has “Adult-Like” Nervous System

| May 19, 2017

A scientific study has revealed details of the early human embryo in images, suggesting that within the first trimester a baby has an “adult-like” nervous system.


Scientists accomplished this research through a series of methods that create 3D images of human embryos and fetal organs. The results are images of amazing detail that reveal the nervous system and organ development within the fetus. The study aims to create “precise cellular and molecular cartography of the human embryo” because this reference is important for understanding the development of organs within the fetus. Even within the first trimester, a fetus’ nerves are very developed.


In an article on, Arina Grossu suggests that this study will show that babies in the womb feel pain even earlier than previously thought. Though it is an accepted fact that children in the womb feel pain by 20 weeks after fertilization, this study shows through images that nerves and pain receptors are present as soon as five weeks post-fertilization.


As science continues to produce more advanced ways of studying the human body, especially the very first developments of the body, there is much hope and probability that this research will enlighten the abortion debate for those clinging to a pro-choice stance. Though it is a fact that babies in the womb are whole and complete beings whose lives need to be preserved and defended, research such as this study can illustrate this undeniable fact to all.


Where it once seemed that science vs. issues of faith and morality was parallel comparing black and white subjects to grey areas, science is now becoming an inherent part of moral issues by illuminating truth.


At the New Jersey Right to Life Banquet, which I had the pleasure of attending just a few weeks ago, speakers Kevin Sorbo and Star Parker spoke about the challenge of illuminating truth in our society. Kevin Sorbo was the director and leading actor of the film God’s Not Dead and is an internationally acclaimed actor for his work in the television show Hercules; and Star Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education in addition to being a motivational speaker. These speakers both spoke of how the problem is not that there is no proof or logic to support the pro-life movement, but rather that we must influence our culture to know and understand the truth. This issue is not so different than America’s history of Civil Rights, as it took just a few people to create Frederick Douglass’ newspaper The North Star to spread the truth about the dignity of life in opposition to the lies that the media was spreading.


We live in an age where moral issues continue to be plagued by lies and agendas; however, through continued efforts through science and journalism especially, we can begin to change our culture to recognize truth and the dignity of every human life.