Super Tuesday is similar to Leap Year in the sense that they both occur every four years. This year they are even on consecutive days. The similarity ends there.

On Super Tuesday the largest number of states will vote for their Republican and Democratic presidential nominees.

This Super Tuesday will affect the Republican candidates. If any of them want to win the Republican nomination then it is imperative they do well today.

There are 11 states at stake for Republicans: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, & Virginia.

Regardless of whether it is John Kasich, Ben Carson, Mark Rubio, Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz who wins the majority of states voting, after tonight the race will undeniably change. The field will narrow even further, until there is one left standing.

Who will it be? The answer is paramount for many reasons. Never before on a national as well as on an international level has it been so vital to have a leader that is conservative, who is pro-life, and in favor of traditional marriage.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton do not lean right politically. That leaves the Republican nominee as the hope to have a president who is supports the dignity of life at all stages and traditional marriage.

Getting caught up in the demands of life happens. If your state’s primary is today or in the coming weeks and months take the time to see the bigger picture beyond your busy schedule. Take the time to vote. If you are thinking one vote will not make a difference, imagine if everyone thought that way. That’s fatalism at its best and will not lead to a great outcome.   

Reversely, perhaps you are someone who understands the significance of Super Tuesday and this presidential election for the future of America. Which is great, but even you probably know people who do not want to get involved with politics. If they do vote it’s reluctantly, it’s apathetically. Wake these people from their deep slumber of indifference. Engage them in at least one conversation or share some of your knowledge.  You never know where it could lead.