Catherine Birri

Catherine Birri


Catherine Birri is a senior at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula California.  Originally from New Jersey, she journeyed across the country to earn a Liberal Arts degree with credits equaling a double major in theology and philosophy and a minor in math.  Deeply influenced by the intellectual and spiritual formation received at her college, she is preparing herself to share her knowledge and experience to serve the Church and to support the dignity of life wherever she can.

When she’s not studying, she loves to sing, run, or read while sitting under shady trees or in front of a fire; as well as dip her toes in the ocean, and explore nature while hiking.  This past year she has developed a great interest in writing and has even started her own blog.  As she walks through life, she looks for the beauty and truth in the things around her and in the people she encounters.


“God loves you! He has written you in the palm of His hand.  You are His!  He created you to love and to be loved.” ~Mother Theresa

Mother Theresa’s words are for all people not just a few.  Every person was created in Imago Dei to fulfill a supernatural end of knowing and loving God.  That gives every person his or her dignity. We are all precious. As modern culture increasingly creeps towards secularism, not only is society challenging the Church’s understanding of the person with issues including abortion; but also, it is trying to redefine the family. Without acknowledging the dignity of the human person, all human life is at risk.  The International Youth Coalition is defending the preciousness of life and the family.  My heart is enlivened to contribute to such a worthy cause of spreading the truth; that is, to let the light shine in the darkness.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


The House of Lords to Debate Abortion

The House of Lords will debate abortion on grounds of disability. In the United Kingdom’s Abortion Act of 1967, there is a clause that allows abortions up until birth on babies deemed to have disabilities.  A person will not be found guilty if a pregnancy is terminated after two registered medical practitioners are of the opinion […]

Catherine Birri | June 6, 2016

United Nations

A Daughter’s Last Words

On April 28th, 2016 the Holy See hosted an event at the United Nations about stopping mass atrocities against Christians and other believers in the Middle East.   There, Jacqueline Isaac, the Vice President of Roads of Success eloquently shared an unforgettable story. Jacqueline was describing how some parents with children in captivity received knocks on […]

Catherine Birri | May 5, 2016


Scientists See the Light: The Fireworks of Conception

Scientists have discovered for the first time there is a light at the moment of conception. They found that a bright flash of light occurs when the sperm meets the egg, marking the beginning of new life. The light is not merely a glimmer of , rather the description is akin to fireworks, “an explosion of tiny sparks […]

Catherine Birri | April 26, 2016
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United Nations

UN and US Agencies Request Funding for LGBT Rights.

What is it like at the UN? Currently, it is a place where delegates from certain countries claim that LGBT rights are universal rights. Where it is said that gay rights are an American value. (Note that gay rights and LGBT rights are often used interchangeably.) I attended a side event at the UN on April […]

Catherine Birri | April 8, 2016


4 Nuns Murdered in Yemen

The 60th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) at the UN ended last week. After letting the dust settle there are two stories I will never forget. In the first week of CSW, I went to a meeting only to find out the panelists never showed up. A woman seized the opportunity to talk […]

Catherine Birri | April 1, 2016


CSW Day 2

March 15 marks more than the Ides of March, this year it is also the second day of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW60) held at the United Nations. Access to Abortion and Bodily Autonomy: Achieving Women’s Human Rights was the fourth meeting I attended. Of all the events it was the most […]

Catherine Birri | March 16, 2016


Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is similar to Leap Year in the sense that they both occur every four years. This year they are even on consecutive days. The similarity ends there. On Super Tuesday the largest number of states will vote for their Republican and Democratic presidential nominees. This Super Tuesday will affect the Republican candidates. If any of […]

Catherine Birri | March 1, 2016


The Purpose of Religion According to UNFPA

“Notions that had been held at the alter of religion have been dispelled.” This startling comment was one of many during a UNFPA meeting last week. The special session on partnership with African faith-based organizations during the latest Executive Board meeting of UNFPA, supposedly to address maternal and child health, and realizing the “demographic dividend,” […]

Catherine Birri | February 12, 2016


Holy Innocents

The majestic magi arrive at the manger with three gifts for Christ. After paying homage to the little one they journey home on a route avoiding Herod. Every December 28th is the feast day of the Holy Innocents. This past Monday was probably one of the less remembered and celebrated days during the Christmas season. […]

Catherine Birri | January 1, 2016


Assisted Suicide Opens the Door to Murder

In New York State there are two new proposals, Bill 2129A and Bill 5261B, pertaining to assisted suicide. As babies in the womb are in danger from abortion so the elderly and sick are in danger from legalized assisted suicide. Margaret Dore, an attorney in Washington State as well as president of Choice is an […]

Catherine Birri | December 16, 2015