Scientists See the Light: The Fireworks of Conception

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| April 26, 2016

Scientists have discovered for the first time there is a light at the moment of conception. They found that a bright flash of light occurs when the sperm meets the egg, marking the beginning of new life.

The light is not merely a glimmer of , rather the description is akin to fireworks, “an explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.” In the past scientists were able to show the same things happened in other animals, but until now were not able to show the same with humans.

“To see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.”   ~Professor Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University

Professor Woodruff is one of the study’s two senior authors as well as an authority on ovarian biology at Northwestern.

She explained that “the bright flash occurs because when sperm enters and egg it triggers calcium to increase which releases zinc from the egg. As the zinc shoots out, it binds to small molecules, which emit a fluorescence which can be picked up my camera microscopes.”

The team that discovered this has previously shown that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.

While the Scientific Report is being published, let’s just for a moment revel in this amazing discovery. How beautiful and fitting is it that when life begins there is light? While this discovery is scientific, one cannot deny its miraculous characteristic.

For all those who continually refuse to acknowledge the humanity of the unborn, let this be a revelation to them. The more science illuminates the moment of conception, the more people who deny the miracle of life will have to confront their error.



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