Underoath is an American rock band from Florida. They recently came back with a new album after being split up for a couple of years and many fans were surprised when the traditionally metal-core Christian band seemed to become secular. Some of the band members even released a video titled “Underoath’s Three Thoughts on Christianity”. In this video the they explain their reasoning behind no longer considering themselves a Christian band.

Warning: Explicit Language

I am for artist expressing themselves how they see fit. I think that they should have the right to make music on what they’re going through and their personal issues, so my problem is not with a band no longer being considered “Christian”. My problem is with what they said in the video. This article will seek to address some of these things because I care about truth, especially regarding my own religion. Many of the complaints they raise are things that a great number of people wrongly believe. So hopefully, this answers some common issues with Christianity.


Christ was not a white man. He was not a Christian, he was a Jewish man. He essentially got thrown out of his hometown, and then he was murdered [1].”


It should not need to be stated that Christ was not a white man. Cultures have adapted the image of Christ to more closely represent the dominate race. This is why in certain regions Jesus is displayed as Asian [2] or Black [3]. There are some arguments that Jesus being shown as White has some racist history, but it actually has roots much earlier than that. The Roman Empire often portrayed Jesus as Roman [4].


Saying Jesus was not a Christian is like saying Abraham wasn’t Jewish or Buddha wasn’t Buddhist. The “founder” of a religion seldom resembles its followers. The difference is that Jesus tell Christians how to behave and gives instructions for the church (Ephesians 4). So I would argue that this point is asinine.


Somewhere along the way, modern Christianity became synonymous with being Conservative.”


Because Conservative ideology has historically aligned more with a Christian worldview. As Edward Ericson puts it: “I think that my outlook approaches a seamless consistency and gives me a firm place to stand as I assess the world around me” [5]. Liberal ideology and Christian thought are much harder to harmonize than conservative ideology and Christian thought. But this rule is not hard and fast. It is possible to be politically liberal and Christian.


It’s like they’re selling a product. It’s like perfection. Looking at the really good-looking pastor and his wife and their beautiful kids and they seem so happy.”


This one sadly happens a lot. No pastor should ever be trying to “sell” Christianity to anyone. But fundamentally, Christianity teaches no one is perfect. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23 HCSB).


Modern Christianity is made by people. All modern religions are. The organized part of it. I think when you begin to debunk the system, when you begin to ask questions, begin to pry the attic door open a little bit everyone goes whoa, whoa, whoa. I think the reason is because its man-made and woman-made, the only thing we have is the rules”. 


Christians do not have rules, we are only meant to live our lives in a way that is honoring to God (Colossians 1:10). The Apostle Paul even warns about rules not saving us. By our faith in Christ, we uphold the Law (Romans 3:31). If you are going to a church that teaches you need to follow very specific rules to be a Christian, you’re probably going to a cult instead of a church. Organized Religion is not man-made regulation for the point of man-made regulation, especially in Christianity. We are commanded to live in community and communities require organization.


“They tell you if you question Christianity then you are lost.”


Most of Psalms is about questioning God. The people in the Bible consistently feel lost or confused or abandoned. Nowhere in the Bible does it encourage you to blindly follow belief. In fact, Peter says to be ready with the reason for our faith (1 Peter 3:15). The Bible encourages you to have proof for what you believe.


“When you believe in the rules and not the reason, then you have an issue.”


Romans 2:28 says the exact same thing.


“The Christian community is what ruins Christianity for me.”


Same. Good thing that the community surrounding a belief has no impact whatsoever on whether it is true.

The band members end the video with some discussion about the Christian world not helping them when they needed it. Sadly, this happens. I cannot defend the people who claim to practice Christianity. Its obvious that they are speaking from a deep place of hurting with this video. And again, I respect a band’s decision to go in whatever direction they feel like with their music. But the problem comes with attacking beliefs based on the people who hold them.

To the band members, I am sorry you were let down by the people in your life. I have been there. But blaming Christianity is not the solution. Christianity at its core teaches love and compassion. And I think that is something we can all agree the world needs more of. Experience does not change whether something is true, truth is not dependent on personal experience.


And truth should always be sought first.





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